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X2 chuck issue

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  • X2 chuck issue

    Ok, I went out this past weekend after much soul searching and bought the 14.4v X2 Drill. Off the last 2 days so I've been putting it though it's paces. Love the feel, the quality, the battery life, warranty and the charger. My one issue so far, is the chuck. When using hex shank bits in high speed for driling, after 10-14 holes the chuck loosens to the point that the bit falls out. It seems like the brake is so rapid that centrifugal force is unlocking the chuck. Believe me, it is very tight when I start, and it only seems to do it with hex shank drill bits, I could not produce the same issue with round shank bits. Any ideas Brandman? Or am I just gonna have to stay away from all hex shank bits, 'cause I like the drill enough that I could live with it.

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    Sounds like a issue with the Jacobs chuck, I leave my hex driver chucked up for a week at a time under daily use with no problems.

    Just take it back, and try another.

    Heh, and after I just typed in another post that the returns were next to nothing, ....