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RIDGID X2 18 volt drill

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  • RIDGID X2 18 volt drill

    I purchased my 18 volt drill back in October of 2003 and had to return it in November for another because it started smoking and the trigger quit working. I just returned that one today for yet another because the battery started popping and smoking and then quit working. I don't like the drill at all. I am an Electrician in Sacramento and I don't even use the drill for any heavy drilling, yet they keep falling apart. I wish that I had stuck with DEWALT. In my opinon, RIDGID brand tools aren't worth the money or the time and hassle spent dealing with returning them.

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    Y dont you just go back to DeWalt if you are not happy?


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      I have an X-2 18v hammerdrill, I have been testing it in my basement shop for about 3 weeks.
      During this time I bought and returned a Milwaukee Lok-tor 624,and a Dewalt 18v 929 hammerdrill. I drive many 1 1/2 holes into some scrap 4 by 4 pressure treated pieces.
      I returned the Milwaukee because is overheated and the Dewalt because it made a grinding noise in 1ST gear and it couldnt make it thru one 4 by 4 without stalling.
      I had tried these drills because I heard complaints about X-2 chuck wobble. My chuck dosen't wobble.
      I found the Ridgid X-2 superior to the Milwaukee and the Dewalt. During my teats the battery remained cool,and the motor was only slightly warm during extreme use. My only minor complaint is the drills weight- 7.25 lbs, The weight forces me to hold the drill with 2 hands,and the added weight seems to make the tool more stable with large bits. I don't mind the added weight as long as it goes into solid construction.
      I am in the 90 day trial period and if I have problems-the drill goes back. I saw the batteries at Home Depot for 85 bucks. Its nice to know that the next batteries are free.
      Overall, I have found that this is a fine drill.


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        How are you going to get the batteries for free?

        FYI... I have the 18V X2 drill, no hammer function. Other than the weight, I like the drill. Tons of power and it is well balanced.


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          Check the model number on the DeWalt drill...if it is a 929 as you stated...that is not a hammerdrill and it is not the XRP...which is what you would need to compare to the X2. the 929 is the lightweight compact model...if it was the 929 then your observations would be right IMHO. But if it was the XRP version...I would think your drill was defective. The reason I thnk that is because I have the 988 Hammerdrill and it has no problem with 4x4 PT lumber


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            Thanks,I meant the Dewalt 989 18v hammerdrill with pistolgrip. My brother has one and loves it,so I bought one (I already have 2 Dewalt 18v
            batteries). The drill didnt do well for me,and the gears (3) didn't sound smooth.
            So far the X-2 has been a great drill,my my only complaint is,that I wish Ridgid could shave a pound or so off the weight,and not compromise quality.


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              Now that sounds better. That Ridgid drill is boat anchor...but you have decide what is important to you...having to workout to use the drill or not having to...LOL


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                i bought the combo kit last nov, had it 1 month the trigger on the drill i returned it and got another, had that 2 months the trigger on the drill went i returned it and bought a milwaukee kit .this kit doesn't have the power im looking im stuck what should i do? is ridged going to beef up there triggers so i can stick with them? or should i return the milwaukee and get a dewalt kit.