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Weight of the new X2's

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    Just to clarify, are you stating that the Ridgid overpowered the DeWalt?




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      I can answer that one. I just bought my 18V RIDGID, and sold my 18V DeWalt. Also, one of the fellows who works for me just recently bought the 18V Bosch. We chucked the RIDGID to both other drills by means of a double ended bit, and the RIDGID could easily spin either of them back. One last fact. I haven't actually charged my batteries yet. That is only the out of box charge factory charge on the RIDGID.
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        The Bosch drill has overload protection, so it won't allow the motor to bog or strain to that extent. I have tried to get an answer from Brandman concerning overload protection in the Ridgid cordless drill but haven't gotten a response in two days. I had the 18 volt x2 drill and held the chuck when the battery was about half discharged. It started to smoke, which I guess pretty much answers the overload protection question. I was disappointed as I actually liked the drill. I ended up with the Bosch 18volt Brute Tough, with their provantage 3yr warranty, and under the same circumstance does not smoke. I still like many of the Ridgid products, and bought the corded recip saw, and plan to buy the Ridgid corded jigsaw before the end of the year.


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          About the weight issue: the HD sale brochure states the 18v x2 c-less drill @ 7.1 lbs.

          haven't weighed mine yet! but it feels good!


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            I honestly do not know if the drill have overload protection or not, which is why I have not answered your question, though you did direct it towards Brandman... and I keep forgetting to ask someone at work if they do. I promise to find out this week.

            The overload protection feature usually will just stop the drill from working, like a GFI or circuit breaker in a house, till it cools down. The ones I have been familiar with and see work take a lot of abuse before they kick in. They don't under power the drill in anyway, the drill just stops working till it cools down.

            That being said as far as drill smoke goes, I tend to believe that its oil burning off the windings in the motor, as I have seen some of them do it when new, but after a little use it goes away. However I could be wrong, who knows? I know my drill did it the first day I used it, however, since then, I never noticed it since, and I've used it much harder than I did the first day.

            I will say this, as far as the Ridgid tools go, the returns are next to nothing, and what I have personally seen come back "under warranty" nothing was wrong with them.


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              Aprreciate the response Mr Man. I don't know for a fact that the drill is being damaged when they smoke, but it sure is unsettling to see. I believe I'll keep the Bosch, but I will say the Ridgid cordless drills look well made, and only time will tell if the smoke was of any importance.


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                as I have posted elsewhere in this forum - If you want a lightweight yet very powerfull cordless drill, buy a Panasonic. Oh yeah and their batterys have the longest run time. Most are 3 amp hour and they make some 3.5 amp hour.