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Weight of the new X2's

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  • Weight of the new X2's

    Does anyone know what the weights are for the new X2's I have looked everywhere and can's find them.

    I just went and looked at all 3 of them and compared them to Milwaukee and DeWalt and all three feel like they are in the middle lighter than Milwaukee and heavier than DeWalt.



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    I can provide you with weights, but it is going to also include the case, extra battery, and charger....

    X2 12 Volt approx. 4 lbs, 3.4 Oz.
    X2 14.4 Volt approx. 5 lbs, 6 Oz.
    X2 18 Volt 6 lbs, 11.5 OZ ( I put this on the mail scales so I know this one is right on...)


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      No offense intended but other than for shipping purposes, who cares what the whole set weighs? Poeple want to know how much weight they have to lug around all day not how much the set weighs put away on the shelf.

      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Does it really matter what it weighs? Buy the tool by holding it and feeling it for yourself. If you like the feel and think you can work well with it, buy it. If a ounce or two makes any difference on paper, then perhaps you aren't shopping the right way. I've felt all three voltage tools. they do seem very heavy when compared to my DeWalts. the 12V is the least offensive, so when i buy one, I'll probably go with the 12v. (before christmas so I get free batteries.)

        BTW, Brandman, What would constitute a bad battery? Would it need to put out less voltage, or just be a noticable drop in runtime by the user?


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          Just threw the 14.4 X2 on the mail scale, with battery and aux handle installed (in other words, ready for business but no bit).

          6.6 lbs., which happens to be exactly 3 kg.



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            Thanks for the information.

            Weight is actually a concern of mine. I really like the features of the Ridgid tools and the warranty being offered right now is excellent, but if the weights given are correct we aren't talking about a few ounces.

            The Dewalt tools
            18v 5.9 lbs
            14.4v 5.2 lbs
            12v 4.9 lbs

            The Ridgid tools
            18v 6 lbs 11.5
            14v 6.6 lbs
            12v ?

            So you are talking almost a pound and a half more for the comparable Ridgid tool. Over the course of a day that is significant. Compare it to swinging a 16 oz hammer versus a 20 or 24 oz hammer it is only a few ounces, but it makes a huge difference especially if you are working over your head.

            Once again thanks for the help

            [ 10-04-2003, 12:32 AM: Message edited by: Curious ]


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              I have to agree with Curious that the weight of a hand tool definitly matters to me. If it didn't matter to anyone, Dewalt wouldn't bother to offer an entire compact line. I sent an email to Ridgid Tech support on the weights of the drills and this is what I recieved:

              "Mr. Monson:

              R82001-12V: 4.5m lbs.
              R83001-14.4V: 5 lbs.
              R84001-18V: 5.5 lbs.


              R82015-12V: 6-1/4 lbs.
              R83015-14.4V: 6-3/4 lbs.
              R84015-18V: 7 lbs.

              Technical Services
              OWT Industries"

              I went down to my local HD before recieving this info, and this reinforces my findings that the new X2 drills are far and away the heaviest drills I have evaluated on the market. I beleve all of the other major makers 18v drills are at or under 6 lbs making the X2 line a full pound over a Dewalt at every level and those are already heavy enough drills IMHO.
              I did feel like the regular line of Ridgid drills were reasonable and this is what I am considering. Everyone has different tool preferences, but I would encourage buyers to check the felt weight out for yourselves.


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                I have the PC 19.2 volt hammer drill / driver. When I first hefted it (before buying it) I was not sure if the weight would bother me. I have not been able to find a specification for the tools weight. However, my best guess + the bathroom scales indicates that it has to be at 6 and a bit pounds.

                What sold me on the PC was how it felt in my hand ie: balance and comfort of grip. You get used to the weight(I did!)other than perhaps if you do a lot of overhead work.

                The other thing that sold me on the PC was the fact that there were no Ridgid cordless power tools available this past spring! Its too late for me to jump out of the pool (so to say) ! It will be interesting if another tool comparison / test is carried out in the next few months that has the Ridgid set in the line-up!

                Chris Berg
                Chris Berg


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                  Let's make sure that we are comparing apples to apples. I have the Ridgid 18v X2, good for drilling through concrete, but the weight is high. Do the other drills offer the same features (i.e., ability to drill through concrete)?

                  I love the X2. It's about time that Emerson realizes that there is more to the world than just a few stationary tools.


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                    I just purchased the 14.4 volt X2 and noticed that it weighed quite a bit more than the "regular" 14.4 drill. The 1/2 inch chuck seems to make the biggest weight diffenence to me, and it's worth it. I don't use mine all day long either, so the extra weight is not an issue.


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                      I just got back from HD and could not believe the weight of the X2's I was going to buy one based on specs were decent but the warranty was great but the weight is making me change my mind. I am leaning more towards Milwaukee now cause it weighs about half of what the X'2's are. And it has more torque and spins a little faster. Anyone else who has bought this drill that could give some feedback would be appreciated. Maybe I could be swayed back. But that weigt is a whole lot o rosy!


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                        the milw drill actually tests out to 400in/lbs and not 495 like the lable on the tool block says.


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                          Mr. Man

                          “the milw drill actually tests out to 400in/lbs and not 495 like the lable on the tool block says.”

                          Would you mind divulging the source of your information?




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                            From a training class at work. They apparently tested and tried many ways to dupe the spec, but were never able to. Dewalt and Makita torque specs were dead on. I beleive a standard is in the works with both Dewalt and Makita to measure drill torque specs in a consistant way.


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                              Torque figures notwithstanding, I tried the test I read about on this forum. In my case, a Ridgid R84015 hooked to the other side of a long Phillips bit from a DeWalt DW989 turned it backwards, regardless of whether the drills were triggered simultaneously or not. I charged both batteries myself, by the way. That speaks more to me than any paper specifications.