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  • Brad or Finish Nailer

    Wife loves to buy me tools. She wants to buy a pneumatic nailer for my birthday. Don't do alot of woodworking but would be nice to have one. Have compressor to operate. What is advantage of one over the other.

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    You said you don't do alot of woodworking but do you do carpentry? If you do then the finish nailer would be much more useful to you than a brad shooter. Of the two styles of finish nailers, 15 gauge and 16 gauge, my choice was the 15 gauge. More holding power and is able to get into tighter spots than the 16 gauge.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Home Depot is clearing out there Porter Cable Nailers. I just got a good deal on a 16 guage this morning. I already had an 18 guage that I use a lot, but I found I needed heavier guage nails a lot as well. I think the 16 guage would be a good compromise if you are only getting one.
      Cheers. Shawn