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  • help with miter decission

    hello I am new to the forum so I must be doing something wrong. I posted several days ago with no responce . I am looking for a 12" miter saw and wondered if anyone had any knowledge of the Bosch 12" miter compared to the Dewalt and Rigid . I have looked a round and haven't seen any of the Bosches on job sites and don't know anyone who owns one , normally you would think that either they are no good ,too fragile, or cost to much if you don't see them around . any help? thanks Cecil

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    Probably the reason you haven't received any feedback is that like myself, no one here has any experience with the Bosch 12" miter saw. I can assure you that you're not being snubbed and that no, you did nothing wrong.

    I don't know if the Bosch 12"er is a bad, good or excellent miter saw but I do agree with your logic that the fact that you don't see them around says something although I'm not sure what.

    IMO though, when it comes to miter saws, DeWalt enjoys a very fine reputation. If a SCMS is what you're after, compare the cut capacities on the 10" Makita LS1013 and you'll find that it compares favorably with many of the 12" sliders.
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      Thanks bagerdave for your reply. I was thinking that maybe I had done something wrong when I posted my question or that I had posted in the wrong location. At least I can rest assure that I did that much right. I thought about Dewalt but I thought that they would only lock in on the presets . Thanks again Cecil


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        No experience here either but IIRC the Bosch 4410 took top tool in the March 2004 Wood Mag review but that was over a year ago
        You can DL the article here if you like
        Wood Mag 10" sliding Miter Saw review

        BTW - Welcome to the forum

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          If your interested in a CMS the Bosch is a real steal right now at Amazon for $222 delivered to your door. If your interested in a slider I would stick with a 10” over a 12” because the increase in capacity is minimal while the increase in the footprint is significant. If you decide on a 10” slider, I have read at least 3 comparisons in the last year and the Bosch received top honors in each one including the issue of Workbench I received today.



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            thanks wbrooks appreciate the welcome .I will go to the article and check it out . you guys are great thanks Cecil


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              hello woodslayer that is some good news Iwill take your advise and go with the 10" . Sounds like Bosch has it going on . thanks again Cecil