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  • 14.4v x2 drill

    new 14.4v x2 drill makes gear grinding sounds after releasing trigger on either speed range, and at any clutch setting. this happens every time with no load. is this normal or do i have a defective drill out of box?

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    Seems normal. I just bought the 18volt x2 and it does the same thing. I believe it's the electronic brake.


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      Its the single sleeve chuck making the noise, if its what I think it is. Many people think the same thing, so your not alone. It should be perfectly fine, if its like the older Jacobs single sleeve chucks I used to deal with, it has a few locking pins that pop out when the RPMs slow down, your hearing them halfway engage when the drill is slowing down. All of them make the noise.


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        mr man, maybe you can tell me... what makes an "X2" an X2?

        Is it the dual-batt set up, or the dual speed range, or both, or more?

        I think Ridgid has some good things going here and they should be pumping up the features sets a little more.


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          The X2 denotes everything that it has over the compact series,

          Higher cap battery,
          Duel charger,
          Air pumps though charger cooling batterys,
          more torque,
          tougher metal frontend,
          1/2" single sleeve chuck with carbide inserts.


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            FWIW, my new 18 Volt DeWalt makes the same noises. It is worse when nothing is in the chuck, so I'm sure that is making some of the noise.


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              Thank you, mr man.

              My new (approx. 30 min.) 14.4 X2 charger is now sucking amps on the kitchen counter!

              The fans are impressive, and who doesn't like flashing LEDs?

              First impressions: This sucker is heavy-duty, emphasis on heavy... gotta be over 5 lbs.
              Manual is good, English (not engrish). Assume other languages received same native-speaker proofing.
              Carrying case is outstanding. Double-wall, and yes, the soft handle IS a nice touch.
              Aux handle removes with ease. I am going to need it.

              I just (batts went green in less than 15)blasted a 2.5" deck screw through a 2x4 with no pilot hole for laughs... it went through like butter.

              Only negative: The included slotted/phillips bit is not of the same quality as the rest of the tool. Thanks to my Tim Allen clutch setting I drilled out the screw in a millisecond, and the phillips bit was immediately warped (is the bit covered by the lifetime warranty, too?). Not trying to give you a hard time, but this .19 cent item doesn't belong in a $200 tool.

              Fun, though. Great first impression of overall fit and finish. The charger is a piece of work in its own right. I like it!

              Time to laminate that receipt!

              Edited to point out that yes, the clutch does make that same noise on stopping, and it's a good thing. This is a very powerful machine for 14.4.

              [ 09-30-2003, 12:37 AM: Message edited by: Mark IV ]


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                Mark IV, the bit is covered as well.


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                  Thanks for the info guys. I was just about to post the same question concerning the noise when releasing the trigger. I just purchased the 18v X2 and am very impressed with its power. I'm certainly glad there isn't a problem with it (the noise).


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                    the x2 seems to be a carbon copy of the dw987,xrp line of cordless drill drivers.


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                      It is important to realise that the sound you are hearing is the chuck wanting to untighten.

                      With this chuck make sure you tighten it as hard as you can.

                      I have had a few bits drop out after drilling holes.

                      I own the X2 18v and the non-X2 18v this is only an issue on the non-X2. The chuck on the X2 is much, much better.


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                        I purchased the 14.4 volt X2 yesterday. After charging the batteries and hearing the "Clunk" when I let off of the triger I was ready to take it back. Hearing that it is normal on the forum makes me at ease. I would suggest that Ridgid put some note of this in the manual. I'm sure that it would reduce the number of good tools being returned by the public.
                        I love my drill!