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BS1400 Upper wheel/cabinet

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  • BS1400 Upper wheel/cabinet

    While sanding the tires on my new bandsaw, I noticed that the upper wheel is way out of line with the upper sheet metal cabinet (that's what I call it). At the front, I can slip my fingers between the sheet metal and the wheel. At the rear, there's almost no clearance, a little finger pressure pushes the wheel into the sheet metal. Is this cause for concern? How is it corrected?


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    Are you pushing on the wheel or the sheet metal?
    If you can deflect the wheel with little pressure I would be concerned.


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      Yes, the wheel. Of course, that's without the blade or any tension on it.


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        As long as the bearings aren't boogered,I don't think that I would be as concerned with it being out of line with the cabinet as with the lower wheel. If the alignment with the lower wheel is right on then take a hammer to the sheet metal so that it doen't rub, otherwise don't worry. JMHO


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          Thanks for the reply. I'll double-check that the wheels are coplaner front and back, but I'm pretty sure they are. My riser block kit just arrived this morning, so I'll see if I can bend the sheet metal back when I install it.

          Thus far, Ridgid has been absolutely no help. Their response was to take it back to HD or to a repair center. This was a demo-unit on closeout, so I doubt if they will exchange for a new saw. One of the top guide blocks was missing and when I called Ridgid, they refused to send me a new one saying open box items were "as is". Well, none of this was stated when I bought the saw. I've also heard various versions of Ridgid's part replacement on these closeouts, I guess it depends on who you get. They also say the lifetime warranty doesn't apply, even though it is stated on the planer box I bought. I think they might have a tough time disputing that if I pressed the issue since it's right there in writing.

          Sorry, just venting! Still very happy to have found these bargains, but don't think I'll be tempted to pay full price for Ridgid tools in the future based on this experience. If they didn't want to support the product, they should have pulled them instead of letting HD close them out.


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            HD still has some new in the box bandsaws around. You might want to try and find one, buy it, then return your floor model.


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              I wouldn't think there is a significant problem unless the saw was tipped over or something. Mine works normally, but I haven't tried the clearance check that you found. I don't really want to know, as it's just another thing for me to obsess over LOL.