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    I apologize if comparing you to an attorney was insulting, it was not my intention, that would be libelous. Your writing has always been well thought out, organized and showed conviction; which is what I compared to an attorney. I have, for good or bad, always lived within 1 house of an attorney. That is the tragedy of living in L.A. The comedy is the school system. Grizzly green was the interior color of the schools here when I was growing up, a very institutional feel. I always called them reform school, and they were close to it with all the gangs and other lowlifes that attended. Some of them became attorneys and politicians, the rest have respectable occupations.


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      Good points Deblieux! I figure you have just hit the nail on the head about how many of us feel regarding the NEW Ridgid.

      How do I feel? Well I'[m way too busy to go into big detail like he did, but I'll tell you that my confidence has been shaken HARD by the way the transtion was and is being handled. I am also greatly disappointed by the way the warranty issues have been handled since the switch was publicly announced. Thirdly, I am NOT going to buy ANY new Ridgid tools for two reasons....

      (1) I have NO confidence in the new manufacturer and it would take a lot of great reviews and loing term ownership stories to sway me. I've owned several tools made by OWT and ALL of them are gone from the shop.

      (2) I hate the new color scheme (admitedly a shallow and very secondary reason, but there nonetheless).

      I do thank Ridgid and OWT for bringing out some truly innovative cordless technology. I love the idea of two batteries being charged in 30 minutes (the pro cordless recharge time), but I think it will be common practice before I ever need a new screwgun (bought a Milwaukee a few months ago)....and when it is time to buy a new one, it won't be a safety orange color!
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        No insulted intended, and certainly none taken. Likewise, I trust that I didn't step on any toes in my response. Thanks for the compliments.
        I'm enjoying the lively exchanges in the forum as we go through this transistion. I guess I rocked pretty hard on Cap'n's tail over at;f=5;t=001664 . We have been pretty tolerant here, and now, two trolls in one week!
        I'll probably have some withdrawl as we get back to some degree of normalcy.
        If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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          Mike3206 -- As a fellow clevelander, you know you are only about 1/2 hour to 1 hour max, from the ridgid service center, do you mean the parts won't be available from the ridgid service center? I wasn't aware of that. What 3rd party service center in this area? maybe Grangeer&gt; That is something to consider.

          Happy Woodworking guys