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did i miss the answer to this?

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  • did i miss the answer to this?

    i need to ask...i hope i did not overlook this post if it exists. with regard to the new ridgid corded ridgid offering the same lifetime warranty that they once were on their stationary tools?

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    The new line is a three year warranty, but if you get the tools before the end of the year there is a life time warranty.
    Andy B.


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      YOu sure did miss the answer there. The horribly uawful hunter safety orange tools will have a 3-year warranty against complete collapse as opposed to the lifetime warranty offered when the tools were a handsome grey. Did you see the orange table legs of the lathe? Good God Almighty is that the ugliest and stupidest looking thing I've ever seen! I'm fortunate I got my Ridgid lathe only about a month ago with full lifetime warranty and in handsome grey.


      • #4 me crazy...but i am kind of partial to the home depot orange


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          Originally posted by ShopBug:
          I'm fortunate I got my Ridgid lathe only about a month ago with full lifetime warranty and in handsome grey.
          Free clues:

          • Don't buy anything you don't like... just being "fortunate" to buy from this company a whole month ago is no guarantee of future success.</font>
          • By all means make your opinion known (7 or 8 times is generally considered sufficient), but recognize that most of the things you're whining about have already been decided and tooled. Deal with it or buy something else.</font>
          • Don't continue posting on a free public forum sponsored by a company for whom you evidently no longer have any use.</font>
          • There are umpteen other brands of everything here on the market, so please continue buying the blue, pink, mauve, or taupe lifetime warranteed WW products of your choice.</font>
          • Recognize that Ridgid will always have the option of changing their colors, but "Shopbug" will always mean TROLL.</font>


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            Spacebluesonoma, be careful. admitting you like the new color scheme of our products on this board might insight a riot. Just kidding, color aside, I am sure you are going to like the power, durability, and performance. We are getting ready to stage the roll-out... It won't be much longer!


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              The discussionon the color has been interesting to watch. Good points made by all; each from a unique perspective.

              One comment on the warranty. I know that we all take great comfort in the warranty of products that we buy.

              Full Life Time Warranty against Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

              3 Year Warranty Against Defects in Materails and Workmanship.

              Question to you all: The two warranty statements above cover the exact same things. If you read the two warranties (on this web site) you will see that they are worded almost the same, save for the term. As stated by a member of this board, if a defect in material or workmanship shows up - you will see it even with casual use of a tool before the first three years. SO - isn't the real important issue here that the company stands behind its product? That the company takes care of the end user if something out of the ordinary goes wrong, and its the company's fault even beyond the warranty period?

              While the word lifetme is in the old warranty - its the execution of the warrant on the part of the company that we all take faith in. Its the company that decides if something is covered under warranty or not. I would like to hear from you all what you think of RIDGID, or other's supporting you as a manufacturer.


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                I think I still feel more comfortable with a company saying lifetime warranty vs 3 year, even if they will fix problems after the three years.

                Let's just say I have a saw that I use a few times a year and the motor shaft breaks in year 4. If I bought the saw under a lifetime warranty, I'm taking the motor in for service, but if I had a three year, I'm complaining about the cheap motor and heading to the supply shop to spend $150 or so for a new motor. Ridgid may replace the motor if I complain after year 3, but should I have to complain to get something fixed? Also, since warranty parts are being handled by a 3rd party vendor, they'll most likely say that I'm SOL, which gets me thinking that I should have bought something else.

                Now, some would say that defects generally happen within a few months, but there are some things that should never go bad or break. the lifetime warranty gives you piece of mind in those cases.


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                  I'm satisfied that the warrantees cover the same things. I bought Ridgid because they have a strong reputation, and the lifetime warrantee gave me the confidence to assume the risk.
                  I'm not sure I would do the same today. Why?

                  1) I may have confidence in the old tool designs, but regardless of all the sunshine you try to pump up my backside, I have no knowledge and no trust in the new designs.
                  I'm not sure we are getting the straight information. The press release says:” The tools are designed and manufactured by OWT Industries, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TechTronic Industries Company Limited”,
                  yet the article by Popular Woodworking;f=18;t=000005 states: “The new line of tools is a result of two years of research and development by Emerson Professional Tools (parent company of Ridgid) and One World Technologies (a subsidiary of TechTronic Industries Co. Ltd., which is the parent company of Ryobi Tools).”,
                  and your post at;f=19;t=000004 states: “- we are engineering and R&D experts. They add the value of being the best at manufacturing to our specifications.”. Incongruent and misleading information, wouldn’t you say?
                  Big E discovers a match with Metabo;f=18;t=000009 . When I posed the question “Does that mean that TTI is making these Metabo tools, or is Metabo producing for OWT?”, you blow it off with “There are many similarities, but there are also many differences. Good eye though in noticing this.” Who, besides Emerson, OWT and Metabo, are in the fray, and in what capacity?
                  Even the photography is not honest. It is B&W, which has been colorized orange, and then, described, “like a dark burnt orange color.” (by an insider, or someone masquerading as one) and then rebutted by you as “I wouldn't call our color a burnt orange. Burnt orange would look like rust, and we aren't that end of the color spectrum”, to “. . . - ITS RIDGID ORANGE and we are proud of it. . . got to find an industrial color that we can call our own... Just happens to be industrial orange.” So we don’t even know what the color is. Personally, I hope we are going to be pleasantly surprised by the color, and all of the contention about HD Orange will have been for naught.

                  2) Aside from the Three-Year v. Lifetime issue, the warrantees DO NOT say the same thing. The Old warrantee says I get warrantee service through RIDGE TOOL COMPANY, Elyria, Ohio, or any authorized RIDGID® INDEPENDENT SERVICE CENTER. The new warrantee says All warranty communications should be directed to One World Technologies, Inc. I have no knowledge of the quality of the new Ridgid tools, but I do have experience with service from OWT. These are the same people that manufacture and warrantee my Craftsman router that broke with less than 5 hours service, yet they will not back it. And the posts here say that OWT has not yet stepped up to the plate with good CS, that they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the standards we are used to with Ridgid.

                  SO, WHO IS DESIGNING, AND WHO IS MANUFACTURING, AND WHO IS STANDING BEHIND THE TOOLS? They may be great tools, made to high specifications, backed by great customer service. But the misinformation to this point clearly says, wait and see. Give them a couple of years to work the bugs out, get some good reviews, and then think about buying.
                  My personal plan is to purchase one of the new tools based on the old technology during the 9/1 – 12/31 timeframe, and then set back and let you guys come up with the consistent party line, and then prove it to us skeptics.
                  If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                    Darn right Debuliuex.

                    The lifetime warranty on proven technology is key here. The newer orange flimsy stuff cannot be sold with a lifetime warranty because life expectancy of the tool is about 5 years I reckon.

                    Also, lets not be naive to think that Ridgid "decides what's covered by the warranty." Check with your state laws and will find something very different. Here is California the warranty law is very clear and it AINT written by Ridgid!

                    Out with the awful orange, OUT WITH THE AWFUL ORANGE!!! Everybody NOW! OUT WITH THE AWFUL ORANGE!


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                      In my world the color Orange is used to caution against danger. Maybe Ridgid has the right color after all. Seriously, we (I mean you-all) need to fondle and use these new tools - might want to keep the shop door closed so the neighbors aren't alarmed - break a few and see how the CS actually works then the rest of us might buy.

                      [ 09-04-2003, 03:52 PM: Message edited by: squid ]


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                        MarkIV - Most of the traffic you read here is an expression of frustration by those of us who really appreciated the old Ridgid tool line. We are griping to be sure but the fact that we are still here is evidence that we sincerely want Ridgid to show us the new tools are as good as the old. Unless the new stuff is of lower quality and value than the competition, we will buy and we will rave about it. The ball is in Ridgid's court and so far there have only been fancy words and ugly pictures to assess.


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                          I think this subject has been beaten to death. Let's just wait 5 years and see how the new products hold up.
                          Also, Deblieux, are you an attorney? I don't mean this as pejorative, it's just that your previous reply reminds me of some of my attorney friends. They write in a similar fashion. Hey, some of my best friends are attorneys.


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                            BrandMan said: “I would like to hear from you all what you think of RIDGID, or other's supporting you as a manufacturer.”, so I don’t think I would say it has been beat to death.

                            Q. What’s the difference between a dead skunk and a dead attorney in the middle of the road?
                            A. The skid marks are in front of the skunk.
                            Q. What’s the difference between, God and an attorney?
                            A. God doesn’t think he is an attorney.

                            You have seen no legal jargon here, or anyplace else you have followed my posts. I just have some strong convictions based on some accomplished study, some costly experiences, and some seasoned living. If you recognize anything, I hope you see a zest for life, courage of conviction, consistency in direction, and somewhere in there a healthy dose of humor.

                            So why do you have attorney friends? Come to think of it, aren’t you the one that posted about the institutional green machinery? What did they have to do to get you out?
                            And by the way, some of my best friends live in L.A., but I'm working to get them out! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
                            If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                              Originally posted by squid:
                              Most of the traffic you read here is an expression of frustration by those of us who really appreciated the old Ridgid tool line.
                              Understood, and my comments above were not for "most of the traffic." They are for a specific individual who is having a good time trolling. Search its posts and you may see what I mean.

                              I was vocal about my concerns when all this originally came down, but I have been reassured to a degree by the reappearance of spokesmen for the "cause". Now I would very much like to see the tools.

                              I didn't really care about the forum appearance issue and still don't... those who do are more than welcome to express opinions.

                              I needs me some saws and aim to get me some. That's about it.