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    the plan is to upgrade or supliment a swap out with the next closest product in the offering at the time. We accounted for that in the design of the promotional warranty. I know - prove it. Well, that is the plan and what all parties have agreed to.


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      Assume you get a new replacement tool in 3 years. Two points to consider :

      1. Will the replacement tool have a lifetime warranty or is that the end of the road? (not bought/replaced between Sep-Dec 2003). I would guess this is a one replacement warranty.

      2. Does anybody REALLY believe that the drill I just bought now (I'm 35 years old) will still be under warranty when I retire in 30 YEARS? Even if Ridgid/HD is still around, I don't think so...

      Since no reasonable person could expect point 2 to hold true, it would be nice if Ridgid was a little more clear on the warranty.


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        I just picked up one of the tp1300 planer.
        Is this considered part of the NEW line of stationary power tools and have a lifetime warranty.


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          if it is orange it has the lifetime service warranty. if it is gray, it is covered by a lifetime warranty against defect in material and workmanship.


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            I was never concerned about the warranty as I believe their warranty will be reasonably enforced. I believe that if it's evident that you take good care of the tool, you'll never have trouble with warranty. I was more concerned about the cordless drill quality( I don't care if it has a lifetime warranty if it's not a quality piece). This is where I'm unsure. These drills look like quality, but I also know that they smoke under a heavy load, they have lower capacity batteries, non replaceable brushes, and are made in China. I still like these drills tho, and if they were 150 bucks it would be a no brainer

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              It would be in your best interest to respond publicly and quickly or you may lose market share before you get it. I just bought over $5257.83 worth of tools, and while working to prep my review on the RIDGID line, I'm finding a lot of negative feedback on the warranty issues.

              You must realize how fast information travels and if the warranty is not crystal clear you could be liable for legal action down the road. I know of major construction companies that are looking to buy over $230,000 worth of the RIDGID tool for their crew, just because of the warranty. They are all over eBay already, I'm assuming that an eBay purchase will not be covered. Time to step up to the plate and respond publicly.

              I was told that everything has a 100% lifetime warranty including batteries on any Cordless tool and all power tools. Well the batteries warranty is what sold me. Will save me $160's a year just on batteries for one tool.

              If you don't respond I will return every last tool I just bought.

              I don't mean to be so hard here, but the public must know the complete details or you could be in for a major problem. Just this post has reached 10's of thousands of people, in one week it will be 100's of thousands in two weeks millions.

              Thank you for your time and your response.


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                Ok folks... Lets all be rational here. The warranty is what warranty is... So far as it is written. Is it crystal clear to everyone? Clearly not because of the chatter on this forum. We are not trying to hide from anything. HOWEVER - to respond, to rephrase, to "further clarify" is in fact creating a second warranty and voiding what is in print. That would cause still more confusion and is not ethical to those who have purchased the tools.

                While people are eager to purchase tools based on the futher clarification of the warranty - I will state that we have been clear. The point of purchase materials reinforce the legal-eez that is on the PDF found on this site.

                Buy now - through the end of the promotion. Keep a proof of purchase from Home Depot or a RIDGID distributor (NOT E BAY) and you have a lifetime service warranty. Yes Batteries are covered. Yes the charger is covered. Yes brushes are covered.

                Folks, think about it please for one moment. We as a company would waste more time trying to nit pick this than to just satisfy you in the event that something does "wear out" or "break" - God forbid.

                The warranty is a marketing promotion. It is intended to alieveiate your concern about trying the new products that we are offering. There is no conspiracy here as some would infer in the posts. Try the tools - we are covering you.

                End of discussion.


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                  STEB - there aren't many power tool companies that aren't making their cordless in Asia now. Almost all have a presence there, source from there, or are in the process right now of transitioning there.



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                    Well your response is good enough for us, and many others out their. Our review will be available online with-in a few weeks.

                    We are very impressed with the design and thought put into these tools. Little things really make a tool in our eyes. Just on the case alone is a great layout and design, images on the side of the hard-shell case and the metal clips, looking forward to reviewing the tools and posting our review for the world to see.

                    Thanks again.

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                      To your post above:
                      creating a second warranty and voiding what is in print. That would cause still more confusion and is not ethical to those who have purchased the tools.
                      To that statement, why is it that I have waited 2-1/2 months for a motor for my bandsaw? I can not contact Ridgid directly anymore! As stated in my PRINTED WARRANTY in my manuals. And the service center I am refered to by the NOW changed warranty service will not return my calls?

                      My purchase of all my machines and accessories were prior to the change upon this year. Yet I experience highly less than satisfactory service. In fact, I have received ZERO service.

                      I can only warn those prospective purchasers that not only do you NOT stand behind your warranty, or your words. You outright turn you back on probably what was one of your best promotions on a personal site you could ever have.

                      You may choose to delete this post as you have others of mine. You can even delete my membership. But what you can't do is change what I can put on my site, about your service, warranty, and truth to your words. And by far, there is greater forums than this that can spread the truth.

                      It's 5-1/2 weeks to x-mas. I have plans on 3 projects for our son Joshua for x-mas that require the use of my LIFETIME WARRANTIED bandsaw. Totally impossable now to time restraints.

                      So Brandman, what would you do in my shoes. Praise Ridgid for screwing up your son's first x-mas with lousy service and not honoring the warranty?

                      I'll praise you for a good front. I did receive great customer service as I have posted previous to your changes. But you are not honoring my warranty as stated in my manuals when I purchased the machines. You wrote a secondary warranty, voiding what I have purchased. And the way I see it, you just refuse to satisfy a customer who purchased based upon the warranty and it's history.

                      Ridgid, you've changed. You fail miserably at customer service with your changes. Your nothing more in my eyes than a dispossable tool manufacture because no matter what you say here, or in any warranty you print. You refuse to honor it.

                      Proof is in the pudding. I don't even get dirt from you now.
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        WHAT IS THIS LAST POST ABOUT? I'm glad to hear the brushes are replaceable, and I don't doubt that almost all companies are transitioning to Asia. How about some more feedback from cordless drill users?


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                          Well Bradman, Woody’s post is most worthy of a response, is there a conspiracy to disregard all Ridgid’s previous warranty policies? We just seek the truth, are too many resources dedicated to the success of the new line to accommodate the prior warranties, is this just an oversight in the restructuring or is there a unspoken policy to ignore the interests of woodworkers that purchased your previous products in good faith of including a life time warranty?



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                            UO-WOODY's post only reiterates what I posted previously; you should'nt buy a tool for it's warranty. The company that you buy from now may not be the same company you deal with later. What good is a 5,10,or 100 year warranty if it becomes a hassle to use when it's needed. I will ask my question again, is it better to have a lower quality unproven tool because of a lifetime warranty, or a high quality one with a proven track record that has a 1,2,or 3 year warranty?


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                              Make a complaint(online) to the Federal Trade Commission and to the Secretary of State in which purchase was made. Then file a complaint in small claims court. You will get satisfaction. If everybody who has not had the warranty satisfied files a complaint with the FTC it will be treated very seriously and resolved.


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                                I think this paranoia about the warranty has gotten out of hand. If you think logically about the position of Ridgid, you have to wonder why in the world would they offer a lifetime warranty (or even the normal 3 year warranty, for that matter) if they did not intend to honor it? Why invest in what is obviously a very expensive campaign to design, manufacture, and market a new line of tools and then cause it to blow up soon thereafter by not honoring the warranty? This would be a sure way of losing all the money, and then some, that was invested in the first place, as well as poisining their ability to do business in the future. Ridgid has too good a name in other areas to risk it by not standing behind these new tools.

                                As I have stated elsewhere, I bought the 3 tool combo. I love it. Compared to other similar combos sets, I probably would have bought it anyway due to the apparent quality and feel of the tools and because of the price. Having a lifetime warranty is merely a nice extra bonus. In all likelihood, I will lose the receipt before these tools have a problem. In any event, if they do have problems within a short time, I don't think I'd stay with Ridgid, despite the warranty. Lastly, other than Milwaukee, most all other tools come only with a one year warranty. Therefore, as someone else has already said, it really only comes down to the tools and whether you like them. The warranty should not be the primary reason why you purchase any tool.