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  • Official Limited Lifetime Service Warranty

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    The PDF document “RIDGID HAND HELD AND STATIONARY POWER TOOL LIMITED LIFETIME SERVICE WARRANTY” that is posted on the RIDGID website conflicts with the advertising and marketing literature and salespeople in the stores.

    The following are important concerns regarding the Lifetime Warranty Promotion; please answer them numerically and specifically:

    1. The Home Depot and RIDGID representatives are telling us that the “Lifetime” warranty is good for the lifetime of the original purchaser when the tool is returned to an authorized service center with proof of purchase from within the promotion dates. However, the warranty listed on the RIDGID website and quoted below states that the warranty is, “…for the lifetime of the tool.” This is a major discrepancy as these are significantly different in meaning. The lifetime of a person is a clearly defined and understood period of time, either a person is alive or dead and all of our lives are limited, but the lifetime of a tool could be very subjective to opinion and is not clear at all. If a tool is never used, then the lifetime of the tool could be nearly infinite. If a tool is heavily used every day then the tool might “die” within a year. Even then, if a tool stops working is the tool considered dead or merely in need of repair or worn. As this warranty applies to defects and normal wear, what determines that the tool has reached the end of life or that the tool only needs the worn or defective parts replaced?

    2. Why are the tools manufactured and “Lifetime Service” warranted “…under a trademark license from RIDGID, Inc.,” according to the warranty, by another unfamiliar company called One World Technologies, Inc? A trademark license means little to nothing about the strength or reliability of a company or warranty and is only a name. If One World Technologies, Inc goes out of business, then the so-called "Lifetime Service Warranty" suddenly becomes unenforceable and worthless. Why are the tools not being manufactured and warranted by the established respectable company and actual owner of the RIDGID trademark itself, Ridge Tool Company or Emerson? A warranty is no better than the company that offers the warranty. If One World Technologies does go out of business, will Ridge Tool Company assume and honor the Lifetime Service Warranty on RIDGID tools purchased during the promotion?

    3. Are RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacs considered to be a power tool? Vacs are tools and they do run on power. Does, “HAND HELD AND STATIONARY POWER TOOLS,” as quoted from the warranty, mean “ALL HAND HELD TOOLS (power or not) AND STATIONARY POWER TOOLS”, or does the statement only mean, “HAND HELD POWER TOOLS AND STATIONARY POWER TOOLS?”

    4. In the Home Depot and RIDGID marketing literature there are statements such as, “…you’ll never have to worry about paying for servicing your tool again. The warranty covers normal wear on everything but consumable accessories, so you can replace brushes, switches, cords, motors, gears, fences, even cordless battery packs…” and, “Just keep your original sales receipt as proof of purchase and you’re always covered,” and, “Includes free service on normal wear items like batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches,” and,“That means free battery packs for life.” these statements, specifications and details ARE NOT stated in the warranty and, in fact, to the contrary, the warranty does state in bold letters that, “RIDGID, INC. AND ONE WORLD TECHNOLOGIES, INC. MAKE NO WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR PROMISES AS TO THE QUALITY OR PERFORMANCE OF ITS POWER TOOLS OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS WARRANTY.” The warranty only states that the, “…warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear items in this RIDGID tool for the lifetime of the tool.” This effectively means that because the above detailed statements from the ads and in the marketing literature are not also stated in the warranty, then these statements are not representations of the warranty. What are defined as “normal wear items?” The marketing literature clearly states, “…free battery packs for life,” and that, “batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches,” and cords and fences will be replaced under the warranty even if they wear out from normal wear, but the warranty leaves “normal wear” up to interpretation and does not mention any of these items. Most troubling, is that the warranty does not mention anything about motors or batteries and specifically states that the warranty is only for the life of the tool, a very abstract term, rather than for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

    We need a response from RIDGID management or a representative that is qualified and knowledgeable enough to interpret, explain and provide details in writing and can provide a name or employee ID number, job title, phone number and extension on the Limited Lifetime Service Warranty offered on all RIDGID tools purchased between September 1, 2003 and January 31, 2004.

    We are extremely fearful that this offer is just too good to be true or successful or is being misrepresented and is misunderstood by the Home Depot Sales people, the literature and even RIDGID employees themselves. The biggest problem is that the warranty posted on your website, the sales people at Home Depot, the ads, the brochure, the information posted in your website forums and the customer service representatives answering your telephones are providing some conflicting and unclear descriptions and details about the Limited Lifetime Service Warranty. Calling on behalf of my friends and family today, I was given two different interpretations of the warranty in a single phone call where I questioned both a customer service representative and then a supervisor and recorded their exact responses. Some of their responses are completely opposite.

    We are all incredibly excited about the RIDGID tools and getting a solid Lifetime Service Warranty and this unorganized ambiguity is the only thing holding us back from making our purchases. We must not be the only group with concerns because the RIDGID customer service representatives said that they were receiving similar calls all day long. Trying to explain a warranty verbally to every person that calls is not effective and can create even more confusion. A single, well-written and detailed document could be created and then posted on the website for representatives and customers to refer to with much better efficiency and results.

    RIDGID absolutely must have complete accurate details of the warranty clearly delineated and explained either in print or in a single document on the website that Home Depot and RIDGID representatives can easily refer people to rather than offering verbal opinions or interpretations of what the Limited Lifetime Service Warranty applies to and covers.

    If you devoted only several hours to more accurately correlating the warranty on the website with the marketing literature and the warranty which is being expressed by Home Depot and RIDGID representatives then we would all feel much more comfortable, the sales of these RIDGID tools would come much faster and easier for you and your customer service would be handling many fewer calls and in a much shorter time, as salespeople, representatives and customers could all review a consistent and detailed warranty on the website.

    Please carefully answer all questions presented or make a deadline for updating the warranty, which you can provide to us, so that we can plan accordingly.

    Thank you!



    Proof of purchase must be presented when requesting warranty service.
    Limited to RIDGID handheld and stationary power tools purchased between 09/01/03
    and 12/31/03.

    This product is manufactured. by One World Technologies, Inc., under a trademark
    license from RIDGID, Inc. All warranty communications should be directed to One
    World Technologies, Inc., attn: RIDGID handheld and stationary power tool technical
    service at (toll free) 1-866-539-1710.

    During the first 90 days after the date of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with the
    performance of this RIDGID tool for any reason you may return the tool to the dealer
    from which it was purchased for a full refund or exchange. To receive a replacement
    tool you must present proof of purchase and return all original equipment packaged with
    the original product. The replacement tool will be covered by the limited warranty for
    the balance of the LIFETIME service warranty period

    This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear items in
    this RIDGID tool for the lifetime of the tool. This warranty is specific to this tool
    purchased between 9/1/03 and 12/31/03. Warranties for other RIDGID products may

    To obtain service for this RIDGID tool you must return it, freight prepaid, to an
    authorized service center for RIDGID branded hand held and stationary power tools.
    You may obtain the location of the authorized service center nearest you by calling (toll
    free) 1-866-539-1710 or by logging on to the RIDGID website at When
    requesting warranty service, you must present the proof of purchase documentation,
    which includes a date of purchase. The authorized service center will repair any faulty
    workmanship, and either repair or replace any part covered under the warranty, at our
    option at no charge to you.

    This warranty applies only to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred.
    This warranty only covers defects arising under normal usage and does not cover any
    malfunction, failure or defect resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration,
    modification or repair by other than an authorized service center for RIDGID branded
    hand held and stationary power tools. Consumable accessories provided with the tool
    such as, but not limited to, blades, bits and sand paper are not covered.

    To the extent permitted by applicable law, all implied warranties, including warranties of
    Any implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular
    purpose, that cannot be disclaimed under state law are limited to three years from the
    date of purchase. One World Technologies, Inc. and Ridgid, Inc. are not responsible for
    direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow
    limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or
    limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not
    apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
    rights which vary from state to state.

    [ 02-15-2004, 02:31 AM: Message edited by: RIDGID1 ]

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    We will respond to you via personal channels.


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      I'm sure I'm not the only one who hopes that it doesn't stay through personal channels. This is all very important information to all Ridgid tool owners (and potential owners).


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        "We will respond to you via personal channels"

        WHY??? This person has put forth some very good questions. The answers would be a help to all of us. Thank You!


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          Ridgid 1 writes like a attoney.

          Though I have purchased all the Ridgid machines I wanted last year, I am not interested in anything else since the problems I have ran into with the "Lifetime Warranty" I have paid for with those machines.

          But, I would like to hear how Ridgid Corp. explains away the items pointed out!
          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            Hmmmmmmm........RIDGID 1 til I read your posting, I honestly had no worry at all. My concern isn't only because you took the time to be well informed, but it's also based on the obvious cowering response you received to your legitimate concern.

            Truthfully, I'm wondering if there is a benefit to this forum at all. Myself and several others have also experssed concerns about the bags that come with the 3-4pc cordless sets, and the only response from Ridgid was that "Milwalkee came up with the idea first"

            Does Ridgid intend to design a hard case to correct this problem? I've already asked this simple question, and although others didn't outright ask, each person who discussed their new tools expressed concern about the very same thing. Will we recieve responses through personal channels?
            We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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              My, what an unreasonable post.

              There is a difference between a "wish list" feature request, and a "product problem". The fact that the combo kit comes in a bag is:

              -not a problem.
              -a future feature request (for a hard case).
              -competitive with most of the other combo kits out there.
              -PATENTLY OBVIOUS BEFORE YOU BOUGHT THE THING (if you did... did you think there was a hard case inside the bag?

              Maybe a job site contractor would be more concerned, although I don't know too many who use OEM cases, anyway. Homeowners and woodworkers usually end up with a pile of empty, unused cases in cupboards and under benches because their tools don't travel much, and need to be handy, so it is not a "problem" for them. My X2 came with a nice hard case. I wish they had kept it, and knocked another $15 off the price. So I guess they can't please both of us, can they?

              From the sneering tone of your posting I would say you are a troll. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, however, (the alternative assumption being that you are merely rude), I would ask, what kind of response did you expect? That Ridgid would immediately design a hard case, rework dozens of air-sea containers worth of inventory, and give each of you free ones within the week?

              I have not seen the class-action level of postings on this topic that you suggest, although you claim to have intuited the secret feelings of many.

              Nor could any reasonable person leap from "gee, I have a bag instead of a hard case" to "wondering if there is a benefit to this forum at all", although whiney, accusatory posts like this must surely make manufacturers wonder the same thing. For a guy who has been trolling here for all of two days, you sure are quick to urge the end of the forum.


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                These are interesting questions. Why is it difficult to get a simple answer? I think it could only help the sales.


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                  Mark IV
                  Thank you for your input, but you've confused me for someone who asked for it or cares.
                  First I'm not sure how you believe I'm being rude to you or anyone else. I didn't say that I wanted anything right now, accept an answer as to whether Ridgid may be considering a hard case for the combo sets. Seems like a simple question. And This is not the only section of the forum which talks about the tools we are discussing. I've been buying RIDGID tools for some time now, Including the TS2424, TP1300, DP1500, and also yes the 4pc cordless set, which quite obviously came with a bag to store them. However, I hadn't realized that I was going to have to solve a jigsaw puzzle to get the tools into and out of the bag because the tools were all chained to a peg board. Obviously you haven't bought the set or you'd know the difficulties already. It is a problem. I'm very sorry if you think I'm rude because I want to know if there is a possibility RIDGID may be considering a hard case. Also, simply because you don't choose to use the OEM case provided to you doesn't mean that others don't. Because I travel to different properties, I do! I sold my 5 year old Dewalt drill and saw set for $200.00. It allowed me the ability to buy the new tools because I DID use the cases. And I didn't balk at the price I payed for the new ones. I know they are RIDGID, and I'm not overwhelmed with fear as to whether RIDGID will stand behind them. Because, I have concern based on the responses your obvious chum, whom I have nothing against, by the way, doesn't make me rude either. I'd be an idiot not to have some after reading the opening of this posting. Did you read it? Crime? I think not. Since you obviously don't have the ability to answer that question either, I guess your sarcasm and impolite attack upon me allow you to be living proof of the affectiveness. As to me speaking for others, I spent hours reading every posting I could find on every portion of the forum concerning the purchase of the new combo set. And had you done the same you might find out that there are postings which came in weeks ago and continue to come in daily. They've all expressed the same. They spoke for themselves, as did I. And I didn't expect anyone to jump to attention about my problem nor did I call for the end of the forum. I simply want to know if RIDGID will make a hard case. I'm sorry you took that so personally. You'll notice I've said that a few times, because I figure you must be a bit slow, not to mention condescending. First, how is it relevant how long I've been a member? I've been a proud user of RIDGID tools for 20 years. Pssst....they make more than woodworking tools ya know. I guarantee. Now set back down on your high chair, eat your peas, be nice, and practice the polite manors you preach about. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
                  We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                    I too would like a response to the Lifetime Warranty. I specifically came to this site looking for information about the lifetime warranty so please share.

                    I purchased a ridgid reciprocating saw over a milwaukee based soley on the lifetime warranty. I am now slightly alarmed By Ridgid's refusal to publicly address the above warranty questions.


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                      As much as I have to admit that I've had small doubts concerning the issue. I have also had dealings with RIDGID concerning a damaged table saw fence. It had obviously been damaged by a fork lift puncturing the box, and with a simple call to 1-800-4-RIDGID, I simply talked to the very polite lady at the other end of the line and explained my situation to her.
                      She asked only 3 questions of me.
                      Can I have your name?
                      Can I have your address?
                      And, finally "Do you have any further questions or problem?"
                      I stated no, and she quite honestly made her final statement.
                      Thank you for calling RIDGID, and your item will be shipped out today.

                      I received it two days later!!

                      As much as I fear being duped, I quite honestly don't choose to be consumed by the fear. And, I don't this is the company that will be the one to do it.

                      Congratulations on your new recip!!!!!! Enjoy it for the rest of your life!!!
                      We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                        In a much more clumsily worded post than yours, I posted this same question a couple of weeks ago and even emailed the company directly.


                        I never got a satisfactory response.

                        To the simple request for an offical waranty that matches the claims of this web forum and the brochures, they decline, saying it is only a short-term offer so there is no need.

                        This response is absurd. They wrote a special waranty for this three month offer. There is no valid reason not to make the "Lifetime Waranty" say what Ridgid and OneWorld want it to say.

                        It looks like the "Lifetime Waranty" posted here (and reproduced in your post) says EXACTLY what Ridgid wants it to. This means after this rush of PR and bending over backward to get the brand off the ground, we should NOT expect:

                        " service on normal wear items like batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches"

                        Just like with any other purchase, it doesn't matter what the sales material implies, all that matters when you have a problem in a few years is what it says on the waranty.

                        Assertions from the psuedonymous "BrandMan" won't mean a thing in a few years if contradicts the official documents.

                        If the waranty doesn't promise it we aren't going to get it -- and the waranty clearly does NOT promise it.

                        After three weeks, I have given up on hoping for Ridgid to correct the waranty. I bought my tool because of the *implied* waranty. Since it appears that Ridgid does not intend to honor the advertised waranty, I am going to return my tool before my 90 days are up.


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                          Thats ashame. I really love these tools and won't return them for the life of me. I don't understand what isn't said in the warranty. I cut out the home depot add and laminated it with a copy of my reciepts. In my opinion Home Depot is on this planet to keep its customers happy. They have always kept me happy. They take everything back no questions asked and replace anything they can't take back. I think as long as Home Depot is around this warranty will be easily enforceble. If HD ever close's there doors then it might get complicated(i.e. send the tools to ridgid for service and being without tools).

                          I've spent over a grand on new ridgid tools and If more come out before the end of the year I'll probably get some more. Call me a sucka for a good gimick if you like, but the big guy in the orange(HD) apron don't lie( warrantied for life), they don't always know what their talking about but they won't lie to you [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                            While the tools seem to be of good quality (I have a Ridgid drill), you have to be realistic about the warranty. There is always an out with these things.

                            Examples of non-coverage:
                            - the warranty is for the life of the tool, not your life. When completely different batteries and motors are invented/used for these types of tools, the "lifetime" will be over.
                            - abuse &gt; drop the drill.
                            - neglect &gt; leave the tool out in the rain and rust the out the motor
                            - misuse &gt; mix mortar with a 12v drill, etc.

                            Even when the lifetime warranty is not offered, the 3 year is among the best in the industry.

                            How do the engineers come up with these figures? They take the expected life of the motors, batteries, etc., which is available from the relatively small number of parts manufacturers, and calculate the risk/cost of honoring that warranty. Higher risks can be offset in the price or in this case can be eaten by Ridgid in the form of marketing costs via the initial sales rollout.

                            Either way the company has a very good idea of what the warranty costs will be and is prepared to deal with the eventualities.


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                              As I understand it when your tool breaks it will be swapped out by home depot. This will work great for about 2 years. The shelf life for a cordless tool is about 2 years (then a new and better ones come out). What happens when they stop making these specific tools??? They will not have any tools to swap out. Are they going to give you the new 18V X5 as a replacement---good luck---. Home Depot does not repair tools. Also in a couple of year when nobody is making nicad battries anymore, what will they do when your battery dies.