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Malfunction of Drill Torque Ring

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  • Malfunction of Drill Torque Ring

    I saw reference to this problem in earlier comments, but I could not find them. I was putting up a garage door opener, which involves putting in a number of long lag bolts. While doing this, I turned the torque ring from 22 to 18 to seat the bolt without breaking it (which I did the first time I put it in). However, when I tried to move the torque ring back to 22 to put in another bolt, it would not turn past 20. After some jiggling, it turned. Is this a problem anyone else has experienced?

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    Granted I don't know which drill you are using that is locking up on you but I own the 18X2 hammer R85015? I think? can't keep track.
    Anyway I believe because its still new and there is alot of metal parts that haven't fully broken in or seated completely yet. That using it will fix this problem. When I bought my 18 I noticed the 1-2 hi-lo slide got stuck a few times but haven't had that problem ever since.


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      I neglected to say that it is the 18v x2 hammer drill in the combo kit. It bound up again last night. Eventually, it loosened up, but I do not know why. No other problems. I did mention this to HD tool guy this weekend and he simply said to bring it in and he would give me new one. He also said he had not heard of this problem.


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        had 4 piece kit, same problem, eventually it freed itself when i turn it all the way to the lowest torque position and then back


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          But did the problem eventually disappear after extended use, as someone earlier suggested that might happen? If not, I will definitely take the drill back right away. These things cost too much to put up with this type of a problem.