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    Originally posted by daveferg:
    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by grey44ghost:

    Emerson/Ridgid has, if memory serves me right, at least an 84 year history of doing it not only right, but better than the other guy.
    Gee----I guess I must be mis-reading your posts again----seems, once again, you're claiming the new Ridgid tools are still manufactured by Emerson---and again----not true.

    Come on GreyGhost----let's really be honest----are you just forgetful or do you work for Ridgid or OWT or any of the new "parents" of the Ridgid ww'ing tools? It's too close to Christmas to be dishonest-----otherwise Santa will fill your stocking with Rotozips. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [/QB]</font>[/QUOTE]Seems to be lots and lots of half-things floating around. I think it is kinda of "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck" kind of thing.
    Anyone care to wager - between the "lines" just how much cross-over there is/was/will be. Lots-just changing a divisional label doesn't mean squat.
    Employees and designers come and go, transfer here and there.
    Bet the specs between both the labeled Emerson and new "unlabeled" unit are identical. Or as close as they can be legally.Not clear on what law there would but bet again - motor is clone per se.
    Have no issues with Rigid-very happy with 3650. Very happy with shop vac. Was not happy with a jointer - table, not motor related. Used for week, returned. No problem.
    Have owned some things that didn't do what they should have or worked poorly like Jet TS from Rockler, Delta planer from Tools Plus and Jet DC from Woodcraft. Problems there - getting returned and credited made me furious. It got done but hours and hours to get there. I did not buy them again - likely good tools by most, it was the bs in getting returned.
    Problems happen. Things break. It's not always as it seems.
    Will continue to own what I have including the Rigid. I again am happy and better the BORG than local speciality places. Now you go figure that out....
    So - in summary I give Rigid a thumbs up. HD so far the same (yep-it does surprise me too) I will not blanket bad mouth some other comapnies but have had many more issues with their products than Rigid despite the claims of some.
    Rigid - bring 'em on baby. Some I'll likely like, some not. I will pick and I will choose. You are not charging me a Powermatic price so I don't expect that level. Just give me quality for the dollar and I shall decide. All of you companies - quality for the dollar and I will decide.

    Becoming furious here with the Rigid bashing as whole though because of this. Those most vocal and negative admit to not owning or having.That to large degree negates any credibility in my trusting or believing in what you say as the basis is what I call VERY BLUNTLY without merit.
    Just how the he!! can you know????

    What PMO's also is just because we state we like or support the product for whatever reason we are called "Rigid" involved......come on. Totoal bs and total crap. Not wasting another word on this garbage here
    \"NowhereMan, are you listenin\', do you know what you\'re missin\', NowhereMan....\" Fab Four


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      Well said!