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  • Combo pack-cary and store case

    Isn't their a better way to package the combo pack. It becomes a REAL CHALLENGE going from one service call to another to quickly repackage the combo pack in the canvas bag especially when it gets cold and stiff. Not to imply that you would copy from Dewalt but their combo pack comes in a hard plastic case similar to a suitcase. which as far as packing and unpacking makes everything a snap.

    Concerned and Inquisitive Walter H. Boyer

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      I too agree with you I dislike the duffle bag carry case I prefer the plastic suit case.


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        I just purchased the R922 4 piece combo kit, and have the same sentiment regarding the use of a hard plastic case instead of the bag.


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          Its funny how much research can go into a tool to make it hopefully a long lasting tool, but then cheapen the carry case(bag). Wasn't the guy who designed the bag working with the rest of the design team? You have this cheap assed bag that wont even close properly(someone even forgot about zippers). When you pick up the bag it opens even when buckled exposing the components to the elements. I leave it over in the corner and it get full of saw dust, and rain and snow. Come on Ridgid are you sleeping? Just because Milwaukee has a bag doesn't mean you have to. Why didn't you follow in DW footsteps instead? You want to grab marketshare from DW then you are going to have to put more thought into carrying the tools from job to job. If I were in charge over there, heads would role until a sturdy carry case was implemented. Give the professionals a professional case, not a homeowner bag. I know of alot of sales you blew just because of the case. Wakeup!!!


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            We homeowners would also like to see a hard sided case. While the professionals may use it everyday for work, it doesn't mean that we homeowners don't use it as hard as the pros or any less often.

            A less used set of tools, to me, would be even more of a reason to have a hard side case - so while it gets left in a shed, or a garge, or the back of your truck for a few weeks unused; the kids, the elements and the rodents all don't make a new home of your fancy little "bag". It should at least be an add on option!!!