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Please Help, Want To Buy TS2400LS.

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  • Please Help, Want To Buy TS2400LS.

    hello all i am very new to this site, I am wanting to buy a table saw but unsure which saw i need. I looked at the Ts2400Ls and the TS3650, I just bought a house with a detached double garage that i would like to turn into a hobby shop. I like that the motor on the 3650 is belt drive, is the direct drive motor on the 2400 decent? How often does a blade jam causing motor burnout on a 2400? i really love the fold up system on the 2400 though. Can someone help me find the right saw for me.

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    Hi spydee....welcome to the site! Those two saws have very different strengths that excel for different purposes. Both will cut well. The 2400 is a jobsite saw that's meant for portability. The 3650 is a contractor saw (a bit of a misnomer nowadays), and is best suited as a stationary shop saw. Contractor saws can be made to roll around the shop pretty easily, but they don't "pack and go" as easily. They do however offer alot of advantages in accuracy, power, noise, safety, longevity, and surface area. The 2400 will do a good job, but really has no advantages to a good contractor saw other than portability.

    For DIY stuff around the house, either will do fine. For furniture building should you get hooked on wwing, I think the contractor saw will suit your needs better.


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      I just bought the TS2400LS after the holidays and really love it. My basement workshop is somewhat cramped, so the fact that I can fold it up and set it in the corner is a plus for me. Yes you can put a moble base on the full size saw and push it in the corner, but it will take up a lot more floor space ... not an option for me. If I want to do a lot of cutting or cut 4 x 8 sheets, I can easily wheel this saw out to my garage.

      As far as "Wheeled / Portable Jobsite Saws", the only real competition is the highly praised 4000 series Bosch with the new wheeled base (4000-09) similar to the Ridgid ... yet it sells for around $50-80.00 more.

      Some reviews worth reading that helped in my decision ...

      As hewood said, it all depends on what you plan on doing.


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        I have to agree with the 2400. Had mine for over 2 years now and still love it.
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          thank you hewood, dougmac, & papadan for the tips. Dougmac those links really helped.for starters i think i will go with the 2400.


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            Hope you enjoy the saw - I have had the saw for almost a year and love it - here are some tips,

            The Rip Inticator (page 27 of the Owners Manual)is easily moved if it gets bumped - so, make a quick check of its accuracy each time you reinstall the fence - it takes but a second. Don't try to tighten this thing to avoid movement, you will likely break it.

            Use a shop vac on the sawdust ejector port but look closely into the port and you may find two or three vertical plactic bars - they tend to collect saw dust and impair saw dust collection - I removed them to solve the problem - no adverse consequences. Also, a lot of dust spews out of the bottom of the saw, I use a box placed beneath the saw to collect it and will soon try one of the new bags designed for this purpose.

            The wing nut near the Blade Guard Storage area interferes with easy storage of the Blade Guard - take the nut off and invert the bolt and put the wing nut back on the bottom of the saw - problem solved.

            Get a decent blade - I use a thin kerf Frued and am pleased with the results. I found using a regular kerf rip blade works better if you are ripping thicker material, but for all other work I use the thin kerf blade.

            Wear hearing protection - this sucker is loud!

            And remember, as one member of this board says, it is a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?