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  • 20% Question

    Just bought the 4 pc. kit this weekend. You think the'll have the 20% off deal again in the next 90 days? Just curious for your thoughts.

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    Its rumored to be happening again!


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      SWEAT!!! Was this on everything?


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        Reading others posts on the previous 20% weekend topic it appeared to vary depending on your HD, I know at the 3 HD's in my neck of the woods it was. Keep hoping I guess! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Don't hold your breath. I suspect the last 20% off sale was a very expensive proposition for HD, considering the margins on power tools.


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            I agree with SuperDave. We got lucky. Retailers increased inventories as they sensed a rebounding economy, but with two foul-weather weekends curtailing sales, and an apprehensive buying public, retailers had to offer their After-Christmas sales early to move inventories. The BOB took the offense and decided to blow inventories out early. It seemed to work, and the competition was forced to match it to avoid watching all tool sales slip over to HD. A few stores extended it to Monday, but I don't anticipate getting that buying opportunity before the January 31 deadline for the Lifetime Warrantee.
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              Just a quick story about the discount. I purchased two 4 piece kits in November. Last week I found out about the discount. I gathered up my receipts and went to my local HD to do a paper return to get my discount. When I got there I went to the return desk. The girl at the desk told me she couldn't give me the discount because the offer ended two days prior. So I went to the Pro desk to see if they could help me. They called the manager over and I dicussed the situation with him. He said no problem he gave me the discount without any problem. I gained about $200.00. But the best thing about the ordeal is that after giving me the discount, he offered to sell me as many kits at the discounted price that I wanted. So I bought two more for other guys that wanted one. So I guess the best thing to do is go to HD and see the manager. It worked out pretty well for me!


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                I believe it to be a one time deal. It's never happened before.

                About three years ago, Home Depot had a 10% off weekend before Christmas. Lowes matched it. I haven't seen it again, except for coupon offers to individual customers.

                I realized that the weekend deals were a one time marketing ploy and took advantage of it accordingly.

                It was wise to buy more and return the items that you decided not to keep.


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                  I had a question that is a bit off topic but was hoping Superdave could help me with. I was looking at the Ryobi 14.4v 2 piece ( light and drill ) and 3 piece ( light, drill and circ saw )at Home Depot. Its the same drill but one box says the drill can drive 340 screws and the other says it can drive 430 screws. ( it gives the size of the screws and they are the same in both cases ) I can't imagine a typo would appear on the large print on a product box, but I also can't imagine what appears to be the same drill having such a vastly different performace due to what it is packaged with. Any ideas ?



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                    Ryobi has changed that drill. The newer one has a silver color casting up front by the chuck. I do not have it here at work but I sent an email asking about what was different with the new design drill and it is basically the new casting, longer battery life and overmold grip. If you want I can get the exact response tonight at home. At any rate, I have seen kits with old drill and kits with new drill. I believe that is the reason you are seeing differing info on the boxes. I bought the 3 piece kit with the new design drill but have not used it yet.
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                      Thanks for the response. If you still have the response from Ryobi I would love to see it. It seemed odd because both drills had the same model number. I would have thought such a significant change ( performance decrease by 21% )would merrit a different model number. Oh well. Thanks again



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                        I'm thinking Alan J. is precisely correct. Both the 14v and 18v Ryobi drils underwent a running model change to a higher level of performance. I have the older 14.4v kit on display, and never thought to check the contents of a newer kit. I'll do just that on New Year's Day, when us orange aprons will likely be wandering around the store all alone. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                          Here is my question to Ryobi ...

                          Question: Could you please tell me the main differences/improvements in the new 14.4v drill #SA14402 and its predesessor #HP1442MK2? If possible, I would like to know the torque ratings of the new model. Thank you for your time, Alan

                          ... and the answer I received ...

                          Mr. Jones:

                          The new drill model # SA14402K has 280" lbs.of torque, the motor & gear box has been changed & the drill now comes with longer life batteries.


                          I thought I still had the torque figure on the older model but I can't find it. The Ryobi web site has a place you can ask technical questions. There is a tiny link up at the top of the FAQ section that will open a fill-in form window for you. I have always received prompt and complete answers.
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                            Hi again

                            Thanks again for the responses. I would expect that there is a difference between drills with different serial numbers. ( there are 14.4v drills that have serial numbers that begin with HP and some with SA ) However, the two drills that I am confused both have the same serial number (SA14402) I emailed Ryobi and have gotten no response from them. The "tool guy" at Home Depot said it must be a typo, but I have a hard time believing that since it is in big bold print on the outside of the box. If anyone else has any thoughts I would love to hear them. Have a great New Year everyone.


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                              Alan, in case it still matters to you, I believe another difference in the drills is the older drill has a top speed of 1100 rpm and the newer one has a top speed of 1400 rpm.