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  • Wet/Dry Vac System

    Hi all. Just wondering about the Ridgid 3.5 HP Vac system that the HD sells for $89.95 CDN down here. Not too sure what the comparable system is down there. I'm gonna use it for the basement and for general cleaning although things may get messy for the woodworking cleans up jobs. Any advice would be great.


    P.S. A Nice 2 Star rating would be good as well.

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    Hey love the 5 star rating but I can hardly say that I have earned it outright. I don't even qualify as an expert wodworking guy, hell I don't even own a power tool yet but when I do get watch out. I plan on going all out with everything with these things. I want to build monumental projects that I can be proud of and when they are done I can post the pics for everyone. I guess the rating would be justified with the detailed questions and the consistency with which I have been keeping up with the posts and the replies.

    Thanks everyone.


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      The 3.5 hp cost 69.00 down here in ohio.


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        I would not go less than a 6hp rated W/D VAC. Though the 3.5 will do well, it will work harder, has less volumn.
        I run one 6.0, and two 6.25 HP Ridgids as a temporary dust collection for my shop until the Cyclone and solid duct can be afforded. After which they will find another use within the household, cleaning cars, blowing leaves, sucking up the spillage of the washer in the basement, etc.

        Did you settle for the TS2400 knowing you needed the TS2424 or later models?

        Think the same in the sense of suction and volumn.
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          Thanks for the advice Woody. I actually really wanted to know about the quality of the W/D Vac for the basic jobs. I want to use it for the basement with the dust dirt and grime that's down there. Eventually I will use it for the car when the nicer weather comes around but other than that I might not use it for the dust collection factor until I get a power tool. Perhaps I will hook it up to the port in the tool for the collecting like the TS or the Mitre Saw, whatever I can find that will accept the hose. I guess for the power and general capacity I may get the higher HP rating.

          Thanks. (I'll be picking it up today)