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  • Question about Ridgid ROS

    I just picked up the 5" ROS and noticed that whatever speed setting I use the actual rotation of the sanding pad is at a constant speed which is pretty slow. I can feel that the motor is speeding up in the micro random orbits which feel like vibrations when the different settings are used but just wanted to make sure that the rotation rate of the actual pad is correct and that I don't have a defective unit. I know this may be a dumb question but just wanted to make sure. For some odd reason I thought the circular pad would be rotating at a high rate of speed.


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    If I understand your question correctly, I think you'll find the answer to your question on page 8 of your owners manual. Look under the heading, "Integrated Brake Pad".
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      Unless I'm mistaken about how the ROS functions, the randum orbital action (that vibration you feel) and the spinning disc are somewhat separate actions. From observation and usage (I'm not a design engineer) the ROS seems to work completely different than just an orbital or spinning sander. As I understand it, there is a combination of almost vibration-like (1/16 or 1/32 inch orbits), combined with the action of the randomly spinning disk. If the disk was fixed and the sander just vibrated, you'd have these very small diameter patterns and if the disc just spun at higher RPM, you'd have big swirl marks. But the combination of the small orbital action and the random spin of the disc ensures that any marks are minimal.

      As you apply the ROS to the surface, you'll see the spin increase. I have both the Ryobi and Ridgid ROS units and they work about the same.

      Hope this helps,