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    Originally posted by steb:
    I try to buy products made in the USA, Japan and most of western Europe because I believe the ability to insure quality control, workmanship,and materials are more probable. Any company should in my opinion source their high end product (drills costing 250 dollars) in the above listed regions. In the end that's why I returned my 18volt x2 drill. Had the drill cost 100 dollars I wouldn't have had a problem, but I couldn't get past the fact that I had a 250 dollar drill made in China (even tho it might be a fine drill)
    Steb, I did the same exact thing as you. As soon as I saw Made in China on the $260 18v X-2, I brought it back and got a Milwaukee Lok-Tor. You are right, it may be a fine tool but I just could not trust it.


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      "I don't want to improve the conditions of the the chinese, let them do it themselves..." Although this is a great attitude for developing a truely strong American industry, the only way it can take place is for American workers to take a pay cut. Americans can only afford something, because it is cheaper than it was before - this is called increased buying power. If you manufacture the same thing in the U.S. the cost of the wages to make it cause the price to escalate. Therefore causing manufacturing jobs to leave the U.S.