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  • made in china!

    brandman please tell me i am wrong. the drill said MADE IN CHINA.but in tiny letters. where are you going to sell them next in wal-mart!

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    The more accurate description should say "Made by a Machine in China". You can be assured that a human being has not machined the piece of equipment that you now own. More accurately the computer machines the part and the "cheap" labour puts the pieces together. Until North America realizes this most manufacturing will go to places like China.


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      Not going to be available in Wal-Mart.


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        Brandman, ROFL

        I think you'll see that nearly all tools made these days are either made, or have many parts manufactured in places outside the US. If you want a US made product, I suggest you go out and buy a Toyota Camry.


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          IMO it's high time we lost this preconceived notion about the poor quality of products made in China and other Asian countries. The Chinese government, and some US companies, have made huge investments in the manufacturing infrastructure of that country over the last 20 years. These people just put a man into orbit! I would suggest that they're up to building a drill.

          The company with which Ridgid has its' manufacturing agreement, One World Technologies, is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Company, Ltd. TTI, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a billion-dollar company with 16,000 employees and manufacturing facilities in Asia and North America. In addition to the Ridgid line, as you know, they manufacture Ryobi tools. They also manufacture products labeled with such brands as Homelite, Dirt Devil, Bosch, Siemens and Royal. They're still an OEM manufacturer for Sears - what do you suppose that brand name is? Did they get here by producing crap? I kinda doubt it.

          It's a disservice to yourself to believe that the globalization of manufacturing is indicative of a decline in quality. When I pick up a Ridgid tool and sell it to a customer based on the solidity of its' design and the feel of its' operation, I'm relating tangible facts which have no relationship to its' country of origin. A good tool is a good tool, plain and simple. I'm having no trouble proselytizing this Ridgid stuff as good tools, because the proof is in what you can feel.

          I really don't want to look like some kind of fanboi here, but it rather irks me to read threads like this one. My long experience with computers (I've been building my own for 20 years) has long since convinced me that Asian sources produce quality on a par with anyone, anywhere. I'd bet that the overwhelming majority of you are reading this post from computers built by the same people you don't believe able to build a good power tool.


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            Super Dave,

            You could not be any more correct and I believe everything you say. However one thing that I like is to see Made in America...I am an American and like to support American Owned companies and American Made products. That is getting harder and harder to do but if it possible I will buy an American Made product first and second buy a product from an American owned and operated company..if i can not then I will buy what is best. Love to hear your thoughts


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              The sad truth is that the only American owned power tool companies left are DeWALT and Porter Cable. Even Milwaukee is owned by a foreign company (Atlas Copco). And Porter Cable is in serious financial trouble and will probably not survive much longer unless they are bought out.


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                And Porter Cable is in serious financial trouble and will probably not survive much longer unless they are bought out.




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                  ToughToolGuy, seems to be what we call on other forums a...troll...perhaps!



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                    Sorry if I've been nothing but negative.. I guess it's just my nature. I just balk at the amazingly innovative claims put out by this Ridgid product. A product line that didn't exist until this past year (the new stuff) and is made by other companies (Ryobi, Metabo). What I said about Porter Cable isn't so off the mark though. They've basically up for sale for the past two years and have shown losses for almost the past three. Rubbermaid put a bid on them.. but from what I hear, they didn't want to take on the Delta line as well. (I read up on this stuff alot - probably too much).


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                      A few snapshot thoughts:

                      For the record, have any of you noted where DeWalt tools are built? Take a look.

                      Although Ridgid power tools are built overseas, unless I miss my guess the profits go to St. Louis (Emerson's home), which is most definitely in America.

                      It's a shame that Porter Cable is in trouble, but Rubbermaid would be a good home for them. You seen what Rubbermaid's been up to lately? They ain't just rubber any more. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                      And Bo, I totally agree with you about keeping profits in America. Not Buy American, but Keep The Profits In America. There's a big difference in today's market.


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                        Super Dave on more question. Since the rights to the Ridgid name are sold to TTI, Ryobi, OWT whichever it is...wouldn't the profits of the sales go to those companies...all of which are chinese?? I don't know I am on here digging for answers.

                        I have heard the PC deal of them being up for sale as well. But I also heard that Rubbermaid had to withdraw their bid because they are short on money because they are putting so much money into nascar and Irwin.

                        I also looked at the Dewalt labels to see where they are made and they have some in Germany, like their hammer drills and rotary hammers and they have some in China but from the research I have done they make more Power Tools in the US, about 60% then any other manufacturer.


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                          Bo, I believe that Emerson owns the Ridgid name, and the manufacturing only is outsourced, to Emerson's exact specifications. Of course, TTI builds profit margin into their manufacturing cost, but the wholesale profit between TTI and myself at Home Depot goes to Emerson in St. Louis.

                          A reverse of this situation might be buying a new Honda Accord. The "profit" goes to Japan, but you're putting money in the pocket of the American worker who built the car in Ohio, and that person is spending his pay in America.

                          Fortunately, I'm just a dumb Department Supervisor, so I don't have to be up on all this high finance. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                          The only reason I mentioned DeWalt's manufacturing sources was with regard to comparing quality to location of manufacture. I have tools in my Corral which have been manufactured all over the world - U.S., China, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, etc. The difference in their quality, and they all have recognizable brand names, seems to me to have very little to do with their source.


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                            Originally posted by ToughToolGuy:
                            The sad truth is that the only American owned power tool companies left are DeWALT and Porter Cable. Even Milwaukee is owned by a foreign company (Atlas Copco). And Porter Cable is in serious financial trouble and will probably not survive much longer unless they are bought out.
                            Porter-Cable is owned by Pentair, the same company that owns Delta, DeVillbus, and some other tool companies. I do think that P-C will be around a while.



                            [ 10-25-2003, 06:10 PM: Message edited by: gator ]


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                              Bo.. I like Most of you in here look for American made tools exclusively, and am very dissapointed with the fact that such American Stronghold companies ( such as PC, Milwaukee, and Dewalt) are using foreign made garbage to assemble their tools and usually sending them to mexico to be assembled. After being mislead by the PC name on a Nail Gun and having it not last a Year or Buying a Dewalt Cordless and getting 2 batteries in it Made in Mexico, when the made in Japan ones last at least a year longer. But I have Replaced the made in Taiwann switch in My Dewalt DW708 12" Sliding Miter saw with an American Made switch, I have not had a problem in 2 years, the foreign one didnt make 6 months, so I purchased them by the box. I recently Purchased a 18V Rigid Cordless drill and I got it mainly for the warranty...I really hope the Rigid Name hasnt sold out to foreign made Garbage, and I hope their reputation will keep the Quality of these new tools up