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r841150 hammer drill--loud?

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  • r841150 hammer drill--loud?

    Hi Fellas,
    I just purchased the three piece combo kit the other day, i had bought just the circ. saw first and was impressed, so i went back and got the combo kit. My Q: Does the hammer drill seem a little loud to you guys, louder than most, or is it me, or maybe mine needs to go back before the 90 days are up? is it just because it's a hammer drill? It's very powerful and seems to be well built-just wondering. input anyone?

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    All hammer drills are loud when hammer-drilling, but should sound like a regular but powerfull drill when drilling.

    However, don't you think it would be kind of hard for an internet forum to help you decide if your particular drill is louder than normal ?? Chances are, the Big Orange Box staff will not be much help either ... you need to find someone you know with a hammer drill that you can compare the sounds.


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      Wofat, the Feb 2005 issue of Woodworker's Journal reviewed impact drivers, although the Ridgid was not among those reviewed. Here is a quote from the article:

      "All these test drivers approach 100 decibels of noise when the impact mechanism is hammering away, so it definitely makes sense to wear hearing protection during prolonged use."

      So, your unit is probably not louder than the others, unless, of course, you have another brand that you are comparing it to. I might add that at 100db, hearing protection should be used at all times, not just for prolonged use - my opinion.