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maybe idiotic LSA question, but...

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  • maybe idiotic LSA question, but...

    So I've bought a Ridgid cordless drill, and registered it online. To get the LSA, I need to send in a copy of the receipt and the UPC symbol from the box.

    Maybe I'm just totally dense and have no business handling something that could do as much damage to myself and others as a power tool....but can anyone explain to me how Ridgid will know to match the info they receive in the US mail to my info that I registered on My name's not on any of the documentation I'd be sending in! :0

    I feel like I must be an idiot...but I just can't figure it out, and I want to make sure I don't screw this up...a lifetime agreement is too good to pass up! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    Those were my sentiments exactly; I just enclosed a short note with the info you send in the mail explaining the connection between the stuff they received and the info entered online.



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      Thanks, glad I'm not the only one. Pity Ridgid doesn't make the LSA process a little clearer...


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        As I recall, when the LSA was first introduced there was a form that you could fill out. I didn't have the form, but I wrote a small note, and taped the UPC and the receipt copy to it. The note of course had my name and address and I also included my online registration information, just to make sure they connected everything.

        I agree with you both, Ridgid should have a very clear-cut method so customers can easily get the LSA. Actually, other than the original "introduction," I haven't seen any clear message about the need to register! I sure hope buyers aren't passing this up, thinking that it is automatic.



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          Just be sure to keep copies of everything you send including your online registration and the dates.


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            Well it didn't make any sense to me either so when I purchased the trim router I just followed the directions and it it is successfully registered in my Ebox. They must be able to link the serial number from the registration with the bar code or they use the physic network?
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              Yeah, I was figuring that the UPC or some number on the store receipt must SOMEHOW be linked to a serial number of the product....but that's far from clear. I bet if I didn't enclose a note, they'd probably figure it out...but there's no way I'm sending this thing in without an explanatory note! [img]smile.gif[/img]

              I guess as I said before, it'd just be nice if Ridgid would make the process clearer. Not a big deal, but just would make everybody's life (mine and theirs) easier.



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                Dave (and everyone else),

                Most important thing for you to do is to make a copy of your HD receipt (actually, make a few copites, just so you don't loose your one and only). Home Depot receipts fade very rapidly! In some cases, they may be completely gone within a month. They use some kind of heat transfer and the damn things are notorious for thier "blank piece of white paper" reputation.

                I've personally complained to HD's Atlanta office and they are aware of the problem, but don't seem to want to do anything about it. So, make sure you make copies, immediately!

                Also, there have been some complaints that the serial number on the tool, fades. I keep mine in the cases, and haven't experienced the problem yet. But, I wonder what happens if you bring a tool in for repair and the SN is gone? In any case, I copy the SN numbers too.



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                  Excellent points--I was thinking along the same lines, and made a photocopy of the receipt immediately after I bought the tool.

                  Didn't even think about the serial number on the tool...but I did record everything privately just in case. That's a good tip!

                  In reading all this, I'm realizing it might sound like we're paranoid or making a mountain of a molehill...and in speaking to Ridgid customer service, they seem relatively lenient about granting the LSA (they told me even without a UPC, they'll grant the LSA...they know people throw boxes out, etc). But who'll be that ONE time when someone's photocopy isn't clear enough, and they'll lose the LSA. A lifetime agreement is valuable enough not to take any chances with screwing it up.


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                    Copies of receipts and having your serial numbers can be handy too if you ever have a claim on your home insurance or a break-in. I write the date I purchased a tool along with the store and the SN on the front cover of the manual. This has proven handy more than once over the past 20 some years.


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                      I started registering my existing battery tools (retroactively) in April, sent in copies of receipts, and since then have registered every tool as purchased, (using downloaded forms) including UPC's etc via mail, and registered on line. I have 20 items registered in MYSTUFF, and none of them has the registered id changed to LIFETIME id. I have never received an email from Ridgid, though my email address has been registered since early April. I've talked to Customer Service twice. Once in July (I was told to wait 6 to 8 weeks yet), and then again today (again told to wait 6 to 8 weeks), and they profess to have nothing in the works for any of the tools I have bought because they are "behind".

                      Is anyone else as far "behind" as this, with no notice of any kind from Ridgid?

                      Customer service told me they have mailed NO lifetime user id confirmations by mail, but have updated the Ridgid ID to Lifetime ID online of many owners registered with correct EMAIL and EBOX
                      ID's. Have any of you been given Lifetime ID's in this manner?

                      Frankly, I was given no option but to "wait" for an indeterminate period.

                      My register receipts have also faded to white. I was able to scan them and with the help of a paint program to "enhance" them enough to pull price, store id's an dates from them, BUT I obviously don't have original UPC's any longer, as they were all mailed to Ridgid, and as such there where abouts seem to be completely unknown.

                      Since nothing sold by Ridgid since this warrentee was introduced has yet exceeded the 3 year written agreement, terms on the box, it will be interesting to hear from the first user that files a claim under the Lifetime agreement. I purchased my first tools in late 2003, during the 90 day Promo of lifetime warrentee, so my batteries should be drying up shortly, and I guess I will find out personally at that time.



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                        About an hour ago I purchased the R910 14.4V drill/impact driver kit. When I got it home, the first thing I did was to register it via the website. It couldn't have been a more painless process which kind of surprised me after reading all these post about other peoples problems. As it stands right now, my kit and the individual components are all registered and I even have a Ridgid ID number.

                        Now that everything went so smoothly and I have the ID number what would be the point in me sending in a copy of the receipt and the UPC sticker? Ridgid can't possibly have a way of matching up the receipt and UPC sticker with the actual tools I bought can they? I will send them in but it seems like a waste of time and postage. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?
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                          Hey, glad you were able to get the "910"...heckuva price!

                          Deadblow and Dave,

                          I understand that Ridgid is way off (or behind) on getting to the mailing of alleged ID cards. However, I did get my Recip Saw upgraded on my "Toolbox" for the lifetime service agreement. I registered it on the site in April and mailed the required UPC and receipt copy within a day or two. It took probably 8 to 10 weeks before my "tool box" registration was upgraded.

                          With regard to "Why" send it in, my opinion would simply be, why take the chance? They ask for it and unless Ridgid support says, "not to", I figured not sending it might screw things up; so, I sent it in. However, a good point is made about how Ridgid is going to link everything together. To address that, I wrote a note giving my name and address, the product number, serial number, and even my "Tool Box" registration number. I taped the UPC and the copy of the receipt to the note. Hey, I figure they need all the help they can get!

                          Regarding your faded receipts, I'm not sure doctoring the copy will do any good, as it might look like it was faked. However, if you know the exact date and the store number, the main HD office in Atlanta can provide you with a new receipt. I talked to the lady there that is responsible for that, and I will look up her name and number if you need it.

                          Hope this helps,



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                            Now that everything went so smoothly and I have the ID number what would be the point in me sending in a copy of the receipt and the UPC sticker? Ridgid can't possibly have a way of matching up the receipt and UPC sticker with the actual tools I bought can they? I will send them in but it seems like a waste of time and postage. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?

                            That's what's so confusing about Ridgid's process. What you've done is what I've done also--registered on "my eBox" and gotten a "RegID number." But that's just registering your's not "registering for the LSA." To get the LSA, you apparently need to take the *additional* step of mailing the receipt copy and UPC to South Carolina.

                            What's so deceptive is that the phrase "RegID" makes it sound as though that's your LSA ID. But it's not (as far as I can tell). They even put this official-looking "silver ribbon" icon next to your items in your eBox once you register and get your RegID. But again--that's not your LSA ID and you're not registered for that until you mail your stuff in.

                            To answer your other question: there's an "LSA Registration Form" that comes with your Ridgid product that asks for your name, address, and tool serial numbers (including batteries/charger). That would seem to be enough for them to link to your already-completed online registration in your eBox. But again, you're not to be faulted for wondering about that--it's not very clear at all. I took the additional step of writing out a note giving them my eBox RegID along with my name, address, and serial numbers.

                            Ridgid REALLY needs to make this process clearer. But then again, the cynical side of me says that it's exactly as they want it to be....

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                              Here's another LSA-related question: What happens if one or both of the batteries to my 12V drill give up the ghost a year or two from now? I can't get new ones under the LSA until three years have passed...and don't batteries sometimes just expire after a couple of years?