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chuck problem solved?

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  • chuck problem solved?

    I think I have figured out the problem with the chuck sometimes releasing a hex drive bit...

    If you're not careful when inserting the hex bit you can get the edge/point on the bit into the area of the of the jaws where the carbide insert is and it will tighten down there, but after a little use it backs up most likely from the brake stopping so fast...(Mine has only come lose between driving lag bolts and never in the middle of driving one.) It then goes where it should be between the jaws. and if you now tighten it, it doesn't come lose again..This is why it never happens when using a round drill bit..

    So when inserting the bit don't do as I do (stick bit in chuck point drill upward turn on the drill while holding the chuck to tighten it) but look at what your doing and insert it the right way then tighten the chuck....Let me know if this stops the problem...Bob