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Jig Saw/ Ridgid or Bosch

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  • Jig Saw/ Ridgid or Bosch

    I need a new jig saw. And I would like real opinions about pros and cons of each brand. I dont give a rats a$$ about the warenty just wich one is the better tool.I know the look simmilar but looks are decieving.

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    I just looked at some at Lowe's.The 5.8 amp green one was made in Ireland,of all places.

    I like the Ridgid corded tool line,I just think that their price should be 20-25% lower than the equivalent Bosch.


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      It is marketing. If they priced the RIDGID 25% lower than the Bosch, people would pass on the RIDGID thinking it is junk. When priced the same as Bosch, Milwaukee, etc., people take it seriously. (This is paraphrased from a Home Depot tool sales guy.)


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        I honestly am biased, however, I would say give the Ridgid jig a try, I have personally not heard one bad thing about it. It takes T shank or regular blades, has electronic feed back speed control, and is built like a tank. Also comes with a vac adapter if you want to go that route. The 12foot cord with the lighted plug is a nice touch, and it runs really smooth.

        Try it out for 90 days, if you don't like it, take it back and get the Bosch. Hitachi would be third in the group for me.


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          Well, IMHO, I love my Makita Jig saw. I have used it for everything from steel to wood to alum. I have lots of Ridgid tools too, and so far I like them all. I havent looked at the ridgid jig saw because I dont need one.
          As and ex contractor, I have owened about every brand of tools out there. But I can tell you the only bosch tool I owned was a hammer drill, and after about 6 months of medium hard work, the quick release STS chuck EXPLODED on me, leaving my 5/8" bit stuck in concrete. LOL I had pretty good experience with bosch warranty, but in the 6 weeks it took to get it back, I bought a KILLER makita hammerdrill that I wouldn't give up for anything, so my returned bosch just sits on the shelf.

          well enough rambling and back to work

          Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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            Thanks everyone. I am going with the Ridgid. I will keep you all posted on the performance, I expect it to be very good. Thanks again