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    Hello all. Was wondering if you could give me some input about cordless power tools. Based on the research I have done, which is quite significant, I have narrowed it down to either the

    or the
    Bsoch 18 Volt 4-Piece Cordless Combo Kit plus BONUS Jigsaw

    All are priced comparably (although if you shop at Amazon, you can get a corded Bosch circular saw and a 15min charger for free with rebates). I am leaning towards getting the Bosch based on some of the reviews I have read with regards to customer service, performance, and such. With Ridgid, the lifetime warranty is the big advantage in addition to the 2 battery charger in one unit, but I have not heard much based on users of these tools and am not to confident with the customer service if I do need them.

    These tools will mostly be used for a novice home user for wood hobbies. Any form of feedback would be great. Thanks,

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    in a thread on another forum I asked brandman what commitment Ridgid has to producing more 18V cordless tools. He hasn't given me a sufficient answer yet.

    I am looking at the same combo kits, and Makita also, because I already have some 18V Makita and would benefit from the same charging and battery systems.

    Bosch also has a planer. This is imortant to me for a couple of reasons. I could use the planer, and the fact that they make the planer indicates that they are trying to expand the line beyond what is considered minimally standard for a combo set.

    I do like the balance of the Ridgid drill better, but not enough to make the descision based on that.

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      check out this deal


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        If you're going to really be using your cordless stuff hard, I'd go with the Dewalt system hands down. They dominate the professional contractor market where I'm from. Guys get laughed at if they have anything else. I've used most brands, and the Dewalts are worth the extra money.


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          Juato, if I have one piece of advice to give you it is this: GO with the tools that YOu like the feel of best. I think that both ridgid and bosch have professional tools. I'm a ridgid fan myself owning quite a few. But go wih the set of tools that feels the bests in your own hands. It doesn't matter how good a warranty is etc. If i piuk up a tool and I dont like the way it feels I DONT BUY IT!
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