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Ridgid form for additional tool with 4/5 piece set

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  • Ridgid form for additional tool with 4/5 piece set

    The RIDGID 4 (now 5?) piece battery powered tool set had a form to get an additional tool (or something similar?).
    Is this form downloadable and or still available?


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    Just call their 800# cust service and they'll have one in your mailbox in a few days.


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      Did you actually see the 'new' 5 pc kit?

      I have asked, even today, at a local HD about the 5 pc kit, and all I all I get is blank stares.


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        Yes, I actually saw one of these in the store last weekend. There was no price on the shelf or the box, but if I remember correctly the difference between the 4pc and the 5pc sets in the part number was to add a 2 on the 4pc number. It was R922 for the 4pc set and R9222 for the 5pc.
        There was only one on the shelf right next to the 4pc sets, but if was difinately the 5pc set.


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          "Yes, I actually saw one of these in the store last weekend."..

          I went looking locally again, none here (northwest AL).
          When did they raise the price on the 4 piece to $449?

          I did locate the mail in coupon for the extra tool.


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            Hey...I live in Utah and they sell both the 4 and 5 piece sets here at HD for the exact same price...$449.00. So, I had two options...Buy the 4 piece and go through hassel of mailing in all the crap for the impact driver, (and wait 8-10 weeks for it to arrive), or, pay the exact same price for the 5 piece set and take the driver home with me that same day... Hard choice...I did the latter.


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              How many batteries where included in the 5 pc (R9222) kit?


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                There were 3 batteries, same as the 4 piece combo. I must of stood there for half an hour looking at the two boxes wondering why they were the same exact price, yet in the 5 piece box you got the very same impact driver that you would have had to send away for. I, along with the guy in the HD store, both checked the product numbers for each and every item in the two boxes. Everything was the same, just did not have to wait to get the impact driver by mail. Hope that helps.


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                  Well I found the 5 piece set in North Alabama (in very short supply- they had 2).