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Milwaukee 18 V Right Angle Drill and 18 V sets

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    Go to Milwaukees web site and tell them you want to buy their product but that you really, really want to take part in their promotions. Unlike here, there are three or four company representitives with with decision making authority that monitor and interact with their website daily through the week. They might work with you on the rebate, unless Canada has different laws regarding rebates.

    I am tired of hot weather, is it really that much cooler in Canada during the summer?
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      That's a good idea, I'll try that.

      As far as hot weather and Canada, well it depends on where you live. Vancouver is very influenced by the Pacific ocean being on the ocean essentially so we often get cool winds in the Summer and warmer (relatively speaking) winds in the Winter. We have I'd say the most moderate, overall descent and tolerable temperatures in all of Canada. MIld winters compared to the rest of Canada, and we have a few hot days in the Summer but nothing compared to what you probably encountered. For instance a 90 F day is probably our hottest day of the year in a lot of cases. In more easterly destinations you seem to see more extremes. Hotter in the Summer and Colder in the Winter. Often times MUCH colder. Go to Toronto for example. They have days so hot they need cooling stations set up by the city. In the winter they have winters that are bone chilling. I'm happy I'm a Canadian living in Vancouver. Put it that way!

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        You are such right about Vancouver I was only there once, but is was one of the best places that I have ever been to. And since it sounds like you are converting to Milwaukee, you might be interested to know that Milwaukee's new V28 batteries are manufactured in or near Vancouver!
        God bless North America's manufacturing quailty.
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