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    I read this post last night.

    Today I went to ACE Hardware & purchased a large piece of UHMW packaged as a cutting board about 17" X 24" I got 7 throat plate blanks out of it. With the coast of allen screws each throat plate cost $3.76.

    The thickness of the UHMW was the same as my Unisaws throat plate.

    I still need to install a pin at the back. I'll use a rolled pin.

    Now I don't think you can purchase a ready made that cheaply.

    Cost of the cutting board was $18.49 The allen screws were $.21 each & add 8.3% tax.

    The surface has a very light Cross hatch pattern on it but that doesn't seem to make any difference when I slide material over it.

    I didn't rout a slot on the under side of the plate for the blade to start up into, but I will in the future. I use a 7" circular saw blade but it didn't rise up high enough. So after using it I set the throat plate on top of my squaring sled & brought the 10" blade up through it.

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      Please forgive my lack of not explaining better what I was trying get across. Actually I just finish in my shop making the ZCI. It came out awesome I could not believe how easy it was to make.

      Let me try and see if can explain better,OK here goes.
      fisrt I trace the stock insert on the 1/2" MDF ruff cut on BS then size it to fit on my OBS.
      Glue on white laminate then trim with straight bit on router table.

      I then remove ths blade drop the ZCI in go under the saw and trace the edges that the inserts sits on.
      At this point the ZCI is sitting about a 1/4" above the table. I then draw a line all the way around ZCI while its inserted.

      I remove the insert and use a 1\4" straight cut bit without bearings in my plunge router to remove the material around the outline edge by free hand. By removing this material it allowed the ZCI to drop in and become level with the table. So I still have a full 1/2" ZCI with 1/4" edge all around.

      Put the blade back in, put the insert in, clamp a piece of scrap wood over the insert to prevent chipping the laminate. Let the saw get up full speed and then slowly raise the blade.

      Walla I have brand spanking new ZCI that I buy for (drum roll)1 hour.

      Pics! If I could I would.

      I don't think anyone should ever buy any ZCI again, I sure won't,

      Thanks to
      Badgerdave and Papadan

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        Originally posted by rgrady:
        If you do not wanty to make your own here is a place that sells UHMW ZCIs for 12.99
        Bought two # 436 from here last Wednesday and they just arrived today ... $33.73 with shipping. Other than the Ridgid AC1045, this is the only other one I've seen one advertised to fit the NEW Ridgid TS2400LS / TS3650.

        AND YES THEY DO HAVE AN ANTI-LIFT PIN AT THE BACK, as well as a countersunk hole for the front retaining screw. As I was setting them up on my saw, I found that the pin was a little low. So I added layers of heat-shrink tubing to the pin to make up the difference (about 1/6").

        There really is nothing to them and would be pretty simple to make as others have already said & done. I probaby will do so when I need more. I'm glad I bought these though, much better template than the std. insert that came with the saw.

        My only complaint is that I had to start with a 7-1/4" blade, as the 10" blade does not go low enough on my TS2400LS to clear the un-cut insert. First blade I grabbed had a narrower kerf than my 10", so I ended up having to make 3 cuts though it total (oh well). Otherwise fits and works perfectly ... money well spent !!