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Everyone I know this is a RIDGID board, but

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  • Everyone I know this is a RIDGID board, but

    Hey, Everyone I know this is a RIDGID board, but I’ve been doing some extensive TS research over the past couple of months I do have a few in mind but someone suggested taking a look at the new Craftsman Professional Full Cabinet 22124. I did went to the store and really check it out I spent almost an hour going over every detail as far as material and construction it seem pretty solid. It has Fully cast based mounted trunnion system 2 12’’ cast wings and 1 12’’ table board, quick release blade guard, 1.75 HP 110/220 motor and the Biese fence is awesome it glides over the table like a hockey puck on ice. For $900 full cab Beise fence cast trun and wings for that price it just might be worthy. It still remains to be seen what it really can do when you fire it up. All in all seem pretty solid. If anyone gets the chance to go to a local sears store Try to find a store with the display setup correctly and with all parts intact because we all know how the associate in these big box stores just throw displays together. please go and check it out and post your findings and opinions please.

    Thanks to Everyone

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    I gave this saw a very quick once over on a recent trip to Sears. The Bies fence is a nice feature but whats up with that 1¾HP motor?
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      I haven't seen any reviews on it yet, so I can't comment on the quality of the saw. However, I did give one the once over at Sears. It isn't a true cabinet saw because the motor still hangs from the table top. That could lead to more vibration but there are ways to reduce that problem. The big issue IMO is horsepower. 1 3/4th is weak IMO.

      Overall construction seemed to be good though. It is enough to make your buddys jealous. The Beis fence is a real plus.

      Personally I say, wait for the full reviews. If that motor can stand up to the type of work you want to throw at it, then go for it.

      Oh, if you care, it's made in China. Of course, so is just about everything else.


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        B Dave

        I was kinda drawn back by the horse power but I supposed I could always put in a bigger (HP) motor. But I really Like the look and design. I guess I will have to wait for some reviews when someone put it through its pace.


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          Sgt B

          I do care where it’s made but I’m not too caught up in if it is made in china or not because like you said just abut everything is made in china. All tools have their own pos and neg if one tried to find that perfect tool or whatever you probably fall of the edge of the earth before you find it.


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            A couple of points.

            First, Sears spent a long time turning off experienced woodworkers with junk. Now, I'm perfectly open to a change of their attitude, but IMO, it will take several years of good product reviews and good user reports to change many minds.

            Second---what you're describing is a hybrid saw---already introduced by DeWalt and Jet (the latter being of questionable value). The problem with these saws is that while they have improved dust collection, you're still dealing with a low hp motor, and at least in the case of the first two, still the same pita trunion system, as opposed to the more easily adjusted/stable true cabinet saw alignment.

            Just my opinion, but if I were in the $1K saw market, I'd buy the Griz' 1023Z.


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              And I appreciate your opinion and strait forwardness. But if you could please clarify for me what exactly makes a hybbid a hybrid and a full cab a full cab because if my memory serves me right the dewalt and the jet your talking about both have ¾ cab with four legs. The Craftsman I’m referring to has a full cab.


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                Originally posted by Tim_ber:
                And I appreciate your opinion and strait forwardness. But if you could please clarify for me what exactly makes a hybbid a hybrid and a full cab a full cab because if my memory serves me right the dewalt and the jet your talking about both have ¾ cab with four legs. The Craftsman I’m referring to has a full cab.
                Contractor Saw:
                Motor mounts to bottom of table.
                Motor is hanging out the back side of the saw.
                Chassis is open and dust collection is poor.
                1 to 2 HP generally speaking.

                Cabinet Saw:
                Motor mounts to the chassis.
                Motor is under the table.
                Chassis is closed and dust collection is much better.
                3HP or more.

                Hybrid Saw:
                Motor mounts to the bottom of the table like a Contractor Saw.
                Motor is UNDER the table though, like a Cabinet Saw.
                Chassis is close like a Cabinet saw and dust collection is improved.
                1 to 2HP, generally speaking.

                The major difference here is HOW the motor is mounted. Mounting the motor to the chassis, instead of to the table reduces vibration and makes adjustments easier to make. The Hybrid saw will experience more vibration, like a contractor saw, but that could be overcome with proper adjustment and a vibration reducing belt.

                It could actually be a good saw but, like I said, I would look for a few reviews before buying.

                More importantly, there are cheaper and more powerful contractor saws out there that can be had for less. The Ridgid saw has the same HP but is about half the price. IMO, I would buy Ridgid (which I did) and use the rest of the money on more tools [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  I'm typically none too enamored with modern Craftsman power tools either, but like Daveferg, it's an "earned" cautiousness and I'm open to change and improvements when they occur.

                  For starters, a correction is in order...The $900 Sears cabinet saw DOES have the trunnions mounted from the cabinet (as do their other two new offerings), techically making it a true cabinet saw, and not a hybrid (inspected them all several times to confirm, and have read their liturature, which mentions it, but in kind of subtle ways). The size of the trunnions and motor make it a closer cousin to the hybrids from Jet and DeWalt than to a full 3hp cabinet saw with major league trunnions and triple belt drive. Sears also addresses a common complaint to the Jet and DeWalt by offering a real top shelf fence in the Biesemeyer. The fences on the Jet and DW may work, but for the price of the saw those fences weren't up to snuff with fences on other $900 saws. The 1-3/4hp is's about the highest HP you can get that will run on a standard 110v circuit in most homes, and still offers a tad more power than your average 13 amp 1-1/2hp contractor saw. Still for $900 the Griz, Shop Fox, and Bridgewood offer tempting competition in full cabinet saws....but the Sears "minicab" goes on sale near the $800 mark, and I've read of someone picking one up for $750....way more attractive at that price than $900. BTW their catalog offers it for $849 if I recall correctly.

                  The fences on the two cheaper models aren't in the same league as the Biese IMO, but the enclosed cabinet is a good move, as are the cast iron wings on the middle saw.

                  Features aside, time will tell where the quality level is. Anyone know who makes these for Sears? I've heard one rumor that the top one is a Delta...can anyone confirm?

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                    If you are patient, you can obtain the Sears mini-cab (22124) for even less than $750.

                    For example, I just ordered mine on Sept 25th. That was the last day of the 10%-off sale for Sears credit card holders and the first day for the 10%-off Craftsman tool days. In addition to these discounts (applied sequentially, so only a 19% discount), if you have the 2004-2005 Sears catalog which lists the 22124 for $849.99, Sears will honor that price too. So you can get 19% off of $850!

                    All totaled, you can get the saw for $688.49+sales tax+$49 for home delivery.

                    I just hope that this mini-cab saw is of better quality than Craftsman's other cabinet saw products.


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                      I'm not sure about the "chassis" distinction discussed above, but the 22124 does not have anything "hanging" from the top. The motor mount, the arbor, and the trunnions all attach to the cabinet. The top moves freely for adjusting heel, just like on the big boys. The difference is that it's designed to be built around a smaller motor, anticipating that the homeowner will use it on a 15 or 20 amp 110 circuit. That's how DeWalt, Jet, and Sears all arrived at a 1-3/4 HP maximum size motor. I am very happy with my 22124, although I confess that I have already upgraded the motor to a 2 HP Baldor USA made motor (I might not have done so if I hadn't already purchased the motor for use on my previous table saw). The Baldor 2HP probably the biggest motor you could fit in this saw and you need a longer belt to make it work (bevel ripping at full blade height becomes a problem). In sum, the 22124 is a vast improvement over contractor type saws since it has most of the good design features of a true cabinet saw (like the Grizzly or the Unisaw) and the Biesemeyer is the Holy Grail of aftermarket fences. Although it doesn't have as much cast iron or power, the Craftsman is still about half the price of a Biese'-equipped Unisaw.


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                        To the folks who have purchased the Craftsman "Professional" table saw (model # 22124):

                        How do you like your new saw? Pros & cons? Dust collection?

                        I'm in the the table saw hunting mode now and am considering the Grizzly 1023, DeWalt DX746X, Jet Supersaw, and now the Craftsman "Professional" 22124. Lots of reviews on-line on all but the Craftsman.

                        Thanks in advance for any responses . . .


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                          I took delivery of my 22124 in mid-October. I was ecstatic about the saw while the dew was fresh upon the rose. Now, after a couple of months of passing (a lot of) lumber across the table, I'm simply thrilled beyond any reasonable expectation.

                          It's a happy hybrid design. The trunions and Totally_Enclosed_Fan_Cooled motor are mounted on the cabinet ala full-blown cabinet saw design. It comes out of the box set to run on 120VAC. The motor power is 1.75 HP ala a contractor's saw. (With the included thin kerf Leitz blade, the power is not an issue; I've ripped twelve-foot long 4/4 Alder and a lot of 4/4 Hickory without any bogging down at all.)

                          Assembly, fit and finish are just tremendous. The entire saw went together so easily that I was taken by surprise. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you'll have no problems. Every part of the entire machine was in perfect alignment -- this actually surprised me (but I am not about to complain!).

                          My out-of-the-door price (Including sales tax, delivery & a 2-year service/replacement contract) was about $870. Sears' service at the time of sale/delivery was simply outstanding!

                          The contract delivery service showed up at my curb stone on schedule. The lone delivery guy was about the same size as the main saw package, but he might have out-weighed it by a hundred pounds or so

                          He got it off of the truck but was going to leave it at the curb -- the type of delivery one can/should expect from Grizzley or other mail-order saw sellers.

                          This was NOT Acceptable! I lent him my furniture dolly, so he obliged me by rolling it on up to my garage. That still wasn't a happy situation since that big thing had to go out onto my back patio.

                          When a call back to Sears got the delivery service on the phone, I was told that the kid quit right after delivering my saw and that they would _not_ move it for me.

                          Another call to Sears brought two department managers to my door to move the saw!

                          Wow! (Just try to get that kind of service from a mail-order saw seller.)

                          Why did I buy the Craftsman 22124 Saw? Fit, Finish, Performance, Service and Support are very good starting points.

                          The saw is Awesome. And, by the way, I really do like it.
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