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    Hello everyone... I am shopping for a new 18 V combo set and am getting very confused... specifically, Dewalt, Rigid and Milwaukee. The price is identical, and I want to make an informed dicision. The problem is that the sales people really don't know the products, and the sites seem to give conflicting information. So, for all you Rigid users, would you buy again? I like the 'feel' of the Rigid set as ut seens more robust than Milwaukee and Dewalt. So any information would be very welcome. Thankyou you all in advance!

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    Buy Milwaukee. Truly for the support of the product and the legacy of the brand. You can see Milwaukee products that are over a decade old still working. You will never be dissapointed if you have a question or probelm and call them directly. A second choice would be Bosch simply due to their dedication to the contractor if you have a problem, their service is becoming more like Milwaukee. I have every combo set that you mentioned. Dewalt and Ridgid offer decent products but when you have a problem forget it. No member has been really satisfied with their service. I have not had a problem yet where I needed service. I hope with TTI(Ridgid) purchasing Milwaukee service will get better .
    Dewalt just rolled their second generation XRP out in March 2004. The jury is still out. Dewalt service is the pits and the warranty is only one year.

    Yes I use the Ridgid every day (remodelor)and yes I would buy again, for the price point and the 3 year warranty. Also benefits of quick charging, and the durability of the casing. Be aware that many people have had warranty issues with Home Depot, have complained publicly, and are not satisfied. Home Depot is no longer the only place for Ridgid, so I think service will improve dramaticaly. White Cap Supply is my main supplier, they carry Ridgid and they really keep me happy.

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      I have the ridgid 4 piece 18V set and would buy it again, I use it regularly and have had no problems in 12 months use. I work with a lad that bought the Dewalt set this summer and we both like the ridgid better but he had to have a radio.


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        I have both DeWalt and Ridgid. I would buy either again, but it seems as though Ridgid may have better quality IMO. (comparing the different drills I have.)

        Also, Ridgid has come down in price and is now a much better deal than DeWalt and has many new tools in their cordless lineup.

        As to Milwaukee, I know some people who have their tools and are happy. (except one guy has a drill that the batteries fall out of) I do know there was talk of them moving some operations or being bough out, so who know about future quality.


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          Another thing you should look at is there a chance that you would expand your 18v line. Dewalt has made an 18v everything (not to say that any of them are any good)and it seems that every brand is expanding in a certain direction. A plus for the Bosch is that they are throwing in a free jigsaw with the standard kit. I personally am faithful to the Milwaukee. I have had the best experience with their batteries and I think the Hatchet is the best sawzall available and I couldn't go a day without the lok-tor drill. The radio is also the best available and yes, I have used all 3. The multibay charger is also a plus because it "tunes up" the batteries and they do run better although it is not quite as fast at charging as the Ridgid. That really isn't a problem for me considing I have 8 batteries.


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            Paul V.

            FYI ...White Cap construction in a company under the Home Depot Group of Companies....


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              I have DeWalt I would not trade it for the world. A couple reasons being first they now have a 3 year warrenty and just like all of them it is through a service center. I have lived in Boston, MA Greenville, SC and Now Charlotte NC and all three had DeWalt Service Centers so for me it was easy to get them serviced now with that said I do know that everyone has different expectations, wants and needs out of service...these service centers met my needs. I like the DeWalt because it is lighter, sold everywhere I shop, has a good track record, a ton of different 18v Tools and Simply because they have not let me down. But that is my thoughts and every guy on here is going to have different thoughts...what you need to do is go to, and and look for service centers near you...Call them find out from them that they service everything you need...For some shops they will only service what they sell or for Ridgid maybe only the pipe fitting tools and not power just for your saftey make sure they service everything you would be buying even if you do not buy from them. Next I would talk with the HD Store manager or pro desk and see if you can talk with each of the Power Tool Reps. Obviously each rep will give you his or her run around. But what you need to see from them is if any of them will let you demo the tools either at the store or they go with you to the jobsite or workshop. If that does not work all three companies have some type of money back guarantee. I would use the tools for two or three months and look at what is most comfortable. But the key thing regardless of the tool that you choose is to stick with them and know that one brand does not make all the best tools and that what one of us says doesn't mean much...its what feels best in your hands


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                Yes I'm very aware of that. Sorry I did not make it distinct that HD owns White Cap. WC has brand recognition, goodwill and HD hopefully will not kill it. White Cap people have years of experience and won't leave me in the cold.

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