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  • 4424 sander

    I just bought the eb44241 sander, I understand that this is a discontinued one (hence I got a great price) a buddy of mine bought the same sander only his model #is eb44240. He claims that his comes with a lifetime warrenty, although the box mine came in lists a 3 yr warrenty.
    So I guess the questions are:
    do we have the same sander, and what is the warrenty period?

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    Quick answers.... You have the same tool.
    If it is gray (body color) then you have a lifetime warranty.

    If the body is orange (RIDGID orange) in color, then you have a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and a 90 day satisfaction promise. AS WELL> If you just bought an orange one between the end of September and December 31, you have a lifetime service contract on the tool for free. Just keep your proof of purchase.