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  • These good deals?

    My local HD has brand new TS2400LS for 449.99 They also have a TS3612 for 351.99 but it does not have rails.

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    If the 3612 is a NIB (new in box) unit, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. Add an after market fence system of you choice and you have one nice setup for just a little more than the price of a 3650. If it's a floor display, offer them $175-$200.
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      If the 3612 is new in the box, or even a floor model, then box #2 (the rails) may be stashed away someplace. I've heard of customers finding parts that the employees said were missing. Might be worth some poking around.
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        Lorax is right - bet way up on some rack they have them - along with 3-4 more that they forgot to send someone home with in months past.
        Here they have rails - no saws. Couple weeks back I saw them on closeout (da) for $25. Eden Praire and Plymouth stores. Probably still there - but you never know as some still searching for them.

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          If the 3612 is a display model, check out how flat the wings are and if they look like they can be alligned right. This has been the only major problem I've heard of with the 3612----that's a good deal. As was said, you could do some snooping around for the rails or put an even better fence on the saw. The 3612 fence is good---don't get me wrong, but a Biesemeyer or clone would be even better. At least, at that price, you've got optiions.


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            I'm not so sure I'd be jumping on the 3612 at that price w/o rails. The added cost of completing the fence puts you awfully close the cost of a Griz 0444Z with the fence. Ask them what it would cost to complete the saw, then push them to go at least another 10% lower.