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  • ? on DP1550

    I just recently purchsased the Ridgid DP 1550 (new model) at Home Depot at the clearance price of $114. I've got it assembled and it looks like a very good value, especially for what I paid for it. There is a "soft touch" handle on the front of the head, just below the power switch. This doesn't show up in the manual. Is it for allow rotating the head? Will the Delta 17-935 mortizing attachment work with this drill press? thanks.

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    Wow! $114 for a new Drill Press, can't pass that up. I would have bought one just to replace my old DP and dedicated one to use as a mortiser.

    Don't know if the Delta mortiser attachment will fit the DP1550, the big question is the OD of the collar on the DP quill where it mounts. I bought the same Delta mortiser attachment and it came with a couple adapter bushings to fit different drill presses, none of the three adapters fit my old Craftsman DP (model #21315) though so I made my own from some 0.070" shim stock. The attachment w/o any adapter bushing was just a tad too big and would clamp onto the drill press but not tight enough to be secure so I added the shim stock. it works fine now. if you want I will measure the ID of the chisel holder attachment for you and you can then measure your DP.

    Below from Delta's website:

    Model 17-935
    For 11-980, DP300, 14-070 and DP100 Drill Presses and 11-090 Radial Drill Press. Also fits Drill Presses with quill diameters of 66 mm, 50.8 mm, 48 mm and 38 mm. This includes Sears Model 21313 and 21317 Drill Presses. Consists of fence bolted to drill press table. Two hooked rods hold work against fence. Offers 4" capacity under hold downs. 2 3/4" from ends of hook rods to fence.


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      Here's a link to many more HD deals.
      Home Depot Clearance Sales


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        The head does not rotate. There is a soft touch "button" above the light switch but that is to raise the belt cover to change speeds. I am not sure if this answers your question or not? Thanks!


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          Here's a pic of the handle I was asking about. thanks.

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            That's weird, I was so intrigued I downloaded and looked through the DP1550 manual and see no mention of this handle. I can't figure out why anyone would even think that handle belonged on the DP other than the threads happen to match the tapped hole. It has no use I can see for any DP operation.


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              Fantastic score, I paid $180 for the previous model during the Xmas sale and thought I did good. The handle may be functional if you were to use a hand-truck to move your DP around the shop (just guessing).


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                I can't figure either what it's use is. That the way the floor model was setup, so I placed it the same way. Did anyone else get the "spare" handle?


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                  I was in HD this evening, and went over to look at the DP, it had no handle on it anywhere as you show in your photo...strange.


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                    Thanks. I may still keep the handle where it's at. I have the DP on casters and like Woodslayer mentioned, it's useful to move around with.