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Drill chuck wobble problem again.

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  • Drill chuck wobble problem again.

    I notice some posts about the chuck wobble problem with the Jacob's chucks that come with the Ridgid cordless drills. I picked up a 12v drill earlier this year and got another 12v drill last week or so with the R900 combo kit. After seeing the posts I tested the drills and sure enough the bit wobbles pretty severly on both. I read on another post that some of you guys sent in the drills to the service center and had the chuck replaced to alleviate the problem. The new chuck from the service center was a brand other than Jacob's. Do any of the newer Ridgid drills come with this other brand or do they only use it as a replacement at the service center. I'm asking this because I'm planning to pick up an 18v combo the 922 or the 921 and don't want to have to go through the same problem with the 18v hammer drill. I'm thinking of returning the R900 (12v angle impact and the 12v drill) because of this problem but if the newer 12V come with the new chuck I'm wondering if I can just exchange the drill only since it's been less than 90 days. If any of you guys that have some inside knowledge of what Ridgid is doing to address this problem can chime in I'd appreciate it. Thanks.