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Craftsman or Rigid?

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    12 volt is very likely what you want. I do remodeling, i use my Dewalt 12 volt for sheetrock, cabinets, etc. It has more that enough power, and is quite easy to handle. I'm well into my third year with it, the batteries that came with it have never been a problem.


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      I must have the exception in my Craftsman 18v Profesional Hammer Drill.
      I use it every day to drill 2X with auger bits, to drive screws and lag bolts, drill through reinforced concrete floors. I carry it with me when we go camping to operate the stabilizer jacks and the torsion bar jacks on my RV. After 6 years it's still going strong.


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        All you guys with the "Professional Line" Craftsman...they are all built by DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and others....There is a code book for who builds the professional line on the Internet...I used to have it...YES THEY ARE REAL NICE TOOLS, BUT NOT COMPARABLE AGAINST THEIR EVERYDAY STUFF...notice Bosch makes Craftsman professional 24vlt cordless tools..


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          Here's a list that decodes the Craftsman and sears vendors.

          Craftsman Number Prefixes

          List of Craftsman Model Number prefixes and the manufacturer who made the item for Sears.

          Craftsman OEM Sorted by Prefix

          Craftsman OEM Sorted by Manufacturer


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            Nice link Bob. I looked up the code for the cordless, right-angle drill I just bought (another lost sale Ridgid!) and it lists Ryobi. More interesting though, was the identification label. It looks like Ridgid's and carries a Ridgid date code (G0348). I'll be curious to see who is making the new table saws.


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              I have had a Craftsman Professional 15.6 drill for about 4 years,it's a fine drill, but they claimed that my drill has 380 in lb of torque.
              I recently bought a Dewalt 18v r/a drill with 310 inch lbs of torque. The Dewalt can easily use big bits that my Craftsman couldn't handle.
              It makes me wonder where Craftsman came up with their torque claim.
              I would not believe Craftsmans torque claims. I have also noticed that the clutch rings on the Professional drills are now plastic,not metal like on my year 2000 model.
              To Ridgids credit,although the drills are heavy,they are built like tanks,and I believe their torque claims.