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  • brandman and others whats the word street/job

    I know a bunch of us bought those combo's with the bag. My question is how durable are these rapid max chargers. Can they handle an occasional tap or drop or bang. Being in the bag with tools in all. Are they build strong like the tools or are they made to be on a shelf charging batteries. Thanks in advance for the unbiased info. LOL [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    This is just my experience with cordless tools in general, but I've never had a charger go bad. The Ridgid charger looks and feals a little tougher then most other brands chargers. But then again the Ridgid charger is a little more complex then most chargers and probably contains more components for posible problems. I'll be interested to hear more posts regarding this, as a cordless tool kit is only as good as its charger, without a charger its only a bag of plastic and metal. The charger is covered by the lifetime warranty so I'm not to worried.

    On a side note Ridgids dual charger is the best on the market and I wouldn't be suprised to see similar units in stores for other brands soon. (thinking out loud maybe this is why other brands are giving away their jobsite radio/chargers??? to make room for a new jobsite radio/dual charger?????)


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      milw. has a triple bay charger on the market.


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        the fan could be a potential problem. Especially in dusty construction site.


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          even though i am a current ridgid user, how do i get one of those milwak. chargers. I haven,t seen them.
          you can never have too many tools.