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  • Ridgid or Dewalt

    Hello I am new here, I am a general contractor and am going to be making a big purchase of cordless tools for my guys, would like to know what you guys think between the ridgid 4 piece kit or the dewalt? I have always owed dewalt tools and they have done great other then having to buy new batteries here and there after awhile, but with this life time warranty on the ridgid tools including batteries...thats pretty good. Anyway what do yall think?


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    Ive got the Milwaukee 18v cordless combo for my business (love it) and recently got over my fear of Chinese tools and repurchased the 14.4v X2 for home use. It is a fantastic tool, just bought the jig saw also excellent. DeWalt is over rated and over priced.


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      The tools are heavier than comparable DeWalt and other brands, so I would buy one and let the guys play with it for a few day. if they like the Ridgid, then buy the Ridgid. If they dislike the new ones, go with the Milwaukee or DeWalt.


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        Mike brings up a good point on the weight but you also need to look at the Speed and Torque. All three, DW, MIL RID have enough torque to get the job done. All all three are close is speed DW 2000, MIL 1800 RID 1600. when talking about the drills. If speed is important I would go with the Fastest. With the trim saw I would go with the lightest...lets face are not going to use a cordless circ saw to do all your framing. So when doing trim work and what not with your cordless circ saw...go with whats lightest. Recip saw go with whats lightest here too...all three have plenty of speed and 1" stroke lenght. I think the Warrenty is nice but you got to look to at how it performs..If it is heavy and slow...then it slows down your crews and you pay for them to work as fast as they can


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          I think the Ridgid is a great kit, but I love the battery charger. I went to H-D to look at them and I think they are better than the Dewalt, and possibly even better than the Milwaukee.


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            Originally posted by Ridgidtoolguy:
            I think the Ridgid is a great kit, but I love the battery charger. I went to H-D to look at them and I think they are better than the Dewalt, and possibly even better than the Milwaukee.
            I have no clue but will say them are 2 real decent brands you comparing to. If they there in features and quality with time after heavy useage I will tip my hat to Rigid here. They playing game with some real heavyweights.
            I am seeing more in trade being used. I would assume that to be good indicators of general acceptance becoming more prevelant.

            Whats good for us is competition - we end up winning with better product in long run and better pricing too. That's "stuff" I really love
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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              I think Ridgid has better features, such as: 30-minute 2-port fan-cooled diagnostic charger, x2 hammerdrill makes 510in-lbs vs Milwaukee Lok-Tor's 495in-lbs,brighter worklight(even though few people actully use it), the reciprocating saw has a pretty good stroke length, and the spm (I think 3200) is pretty high. The warranty is great,too. I think Ridgid has done it right.

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                that is great advice to buy both and see right now that is what i am doing i just bought the DeWalt 4 pc as well as the Ridgid and have only had them 2 days so i probaly can't help you much. but what i have noticed is i have trouble fitting everything in the ridgid bag?? the Dewalt case can't hod anything else but the tools but at least it holds them all. i realy like the metal gaurd on the ridgid Circ saw. and the grips on the ridgid seem alittle large to me i thought i had large hands. i think it will realy boil down to the accessories for me i like the idea of the lifetime warranty/ but also like the vac and the radio i use a vac everyday on the job so that would be a plus. i got 28 days left to figure out which set to go with so if anyone could help i would greatly appreiciate it.
                it seems a hard choice but what boggles my mind is how to get it all the bag hope it's not just me...

                under pressure and close to credit limit...


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                  I bought and used the Ridgid combo set. Then I returned it and got the Milwaukee combo. Didn't even really consider the DW due to cheap CS, minimal warranty (MW 5 years/ Ridgid 3 years (or lifetime right now), and difficult to engage speed control.

                  I love the MW drill. Great balance, battery goes both directions for tight spaces, virtually similar torque (495 to 510). But what I really liked was some seemingly minor things that start to become a real nuisance over time. First, I really use the T handle a lot. But the Ridgid is difficult to reposition. I just doesn't slide well, possibly because it is metal on metal, and it always wants to slide off. It also takes four or five turns of the screw to loosen. The MW handle slides easily, only takes a turn or two of the screw, and stays on due to a groove on the drill. Second, the chuck on the Ridgid combo drill takes two hands to tighten. The MW chuck (also a hammer drill) is the one-handed type. Because the drill will not turn freely when off, it is really easy to change bits with one hand. Lastly, the MW seems to weigh less. Actually, I think they weigh pretty much the same, but the balance of the MW may be better.

                  One other thing. Although the Ridgid charger is pretty slick and fast, it is not as convenient for the average user. You can't just let the battery sit on the charger indefinitely, like you can on the MW and others. If you do, the fan will continue to run. The MW will just shut off after the battery is charged. Sometimes simple is still better, particularly for the average DIY guy who is normally charging batteries at night while helping the kids with their homework. It's tough to remember to go to the garage and pull the battery off the charger.

                  As for the other tools, nothing is like the Hatchet sawzall. This alone is worth chosing the MW set. I really like the Ridgis CS, but the MW is just as nice. Same size and about the same weight. Also a little faster rpm. Both have all metal blade guards to allow for less than gentle placement while working. I don't think this is true with the DW.

                  After looking at the many combo kits out there, it came down to MW and Ridgid for me. This doesn't mean the other brands are not good, but that they just didn't seem to have the same feel and value. Unfortunately, both of these kits only come with a bag that I will never use. Maybe there is a market for bags on ebay.