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  • RIDGID 2400LS

    Hello..All. I am hoping for some smart advise regarding a purchase of the Ridgid 2400LS at my local HD for $499. My garage is too small for the TS3612 table saw and I must choose a smaller portable version. Does anyone have any knowledge of this saw ot better yet any testimonials if you own one. Also, how does this saw ccompare with DeWalt's portable table saw. Thank you in advance...

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    I have the 2400 and it's a very nice saw. I could make just about anything on it that I can do with the 2424. The fence is superb and better than any other portable saw on the market. I looked at ALL of them before buying this one from a fellow forum member. I';ve been very pleased...used it today to rip some 5/4 close to effortless as you can get...

    Take the stock blade and chuck a Freud and enjoy it...wish mine had soft start.
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      I'm with Kelly.

      The saw does a decent job. I was meticulous on the setup, alignments etc. and am very happy with my results. I do not have the rolling stand with the saw so its lighter weight is a must for moving around the shop.

      The universal motor is also noisy so hearing protection is advised.

      I also looked at the dewalt but I thought the rigid did a better job overall on the construction and I particularly like the fence design, very repeatable.

      Good luck in your decision.
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        I have a 2400 with the stand (that comes with the 2400LS), and I've been very pleased.

        We had a small counter and cabinet job at my workplace, and after getting a few bids we decided to buy a few tools and do it in-house -- got some nice tools and got the job done RIGHT. After using it for that purpose, I "stored it" in my garage for a while, back before I had a TS of my own, and made a lot of sawdust with it. It's NOT the equal of the cabinet saw that's now in my garage, but I found it to be up to every task I put to it (there were some I knew better than to try with a small saw), and as long as you tune it up once in a while (just like ANY saw), and keep a good blade on it (just throw the stock blade out...) you can make a whole lotta happy sawdust with it.

        Since you're apparently short on space, the cart may be one of the best features for you. When you're done, or need the space, just fold it up and roll it over against the wall. I've hauled it around in the back of my S-10 Blazer (on the stand), and had no trouble handling it by myself -- try THAT with a contractor saw! I have also been impressed with all the on-board storage -- there's a place for everything... spare blade, blade wrenches, miter gauge, etc. There are things I'd design differently, but that's also true of every saw I've ever used.

        Being the obsessive shopper that I am, I looked at every option available at the time, including the DeWalt and Bosch. I concluded that the 2400 was the best overall buy, and I haven't been disappointed. I'd heartily recommend it.