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    As far as the battery replacement goes, I’m very satisfied. I got a call this a.m. that my replacements were ready for pickup. I showed them proof of purchase, gave them my old batteries and walked away with two brand new 18 volt replacements. I do agree that I shouldn’t have had to wait two weeks. This all should have been handled in the store immediately, but this is their system and it turned out OK for me


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      Well I'm very familar with Home Depot's Tool Return Policy since I work for them in the Hardware and Tool Departments. What i have always done and what was instructed to do is since ridgid is a HD exclusive brand is the only ones we do warrenty work 'in-house' If it's within the 3 year warranty period or the Lifetime period (If you were so lucky to get your tools before Feb. 2004) the we should have replaced them on site with a brand new one and send you on your way.

      What we then do with the defective one is RTV (Return to Vendor) it. Once a week a rep for each vendor comes in and takes all thier bad tools and gives us credit.

      I'm really surprised that they didn't give you new ones right on the spot at the HD you went to.


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        I took my 18volt hammer drill back because of the variable speed not working, trigger sticking, and chuck wobbling. They wouldn't replace it, they wanted to repair it, I didn't want to wait for repairs(I use it daily), so sales guy says that they will replace the drill but I have to replace the whole set, no problem, THEN they go on to say that if I get it replaced then I lose my lifetime guarantee and get the 3 year with the new set. Doesn't sound right to me, but I went along with it because my employer will replace it, if it breaks anyways. But to me this is kind of shady, the lifetime warranty sounded good, but who wants to waste half of that time waiting for repairs. The repair guy told me to have it repaired and buy a spare so I wouldn't be without one, yeah right. Just wondering if that is how your HD are operating? I did get the new set but thats not the point. Thanks


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          That is how all of my HD are opperating and that is will all tools not just Rigid...The bottom line is the Warrenty is RIDGID's not HD. So your repairs under warrenty or not should be taken care of by Ridgid...HD is doing a favor by getting it repaired for you so that you dont have to drive all over town to get it repaired...HD personally offers a 90 day money back warrenty on anything they sell.


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            Several months back, there was an article in the business section on HD's CEO saying they were mounting an effort to create uniformity thoughout their stores as to policy, etc. Apparently, that effort didn't get too far.