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Ridgid or Jet jointer?

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  • Ridgid or Jet jointer?

    I apologize in advance (it is after all a Ridgid Website) but I know many of you own tools other then Ridgid. I’m having a hard time deciding between two 6” jointers: Ridgid JP0610 & Jet JJ-60s. I was ready to buy the Ridgid seeing the price on the web was $350. In the store however it is $400. So I took some time to look around and I found I can get the jet locally for the same price, but price aside, quality and performance are my main concerns. Any comments? Insights? Experience?

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    The bed on the Jet is a little longer than the Ridgids which is a plus. The deal sealer for me though would be the Ridgids' 1HP motor over the Jets ¾HP. I've also seen many more postitive opinions of the Ridgid jointer than I've seen on the Jet on other forums too.

    Have you looked at the Grizzly G1182HW?
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      With the exception of it's low bed height, the Ridgid hasn't received many complaints. Don't know much about the Jet, except my local Woodcraft store refuses to carry them due to problems. Have you considered the mail order brands like York or Bridgewood? Have heard good reports on them. I have a Delta and it has two bad features-----chips tend to clog up in the entrance to the chute unless you're running a DC---and the worm gear for the fence adjustment sticks out too far (why they needed that is beyond me).


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        I like to buy locally because these two hundred pounders cost a pretty penny to ship. I’ll look at the Delta, I think some of the woodworking stores in the Milwaukee area carry it. I’m just a little concern about some negative reviews on recent Delta tools (not the Jointer just general reviews).


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          I have no complaints about the job the Delta does---the problems are engineering/design problems, IMHO.

          For another candidate, check with local dealers for General. They put out an excellent product and I believe their 6" jointer has a very long bed. Here's the link to their site, where you can check for local distributers.

          Not sure what problems you've heard about Delta----but every report I've read about their customer service is top notch in fixing problems. But, as I said, the two features mentioned won't let me recommend it.


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            Aint that somthng we all have a complant about the best tools out there. I saw a program about SKILL SAW and when they made the first of the kind, they were scared cause they only lasted about 10 hours on the job, SKILL thought they wouldn't sell. Turned out they couldn't keep up with the demand from the contracters, they had something and no one put them down! All I can say is you hear it all here. GO BUY A TOOL BRAND THAT YOU DON'T HEAR ABOUT HERE.But please don't come crying WHEN THAT BLOWS OUT ON YOU BEFORE THE DAY IS DONE!!!!!!

            Be safe out there folks.

            Bob B.
            Be safe out there folks
            Bob B