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Opinions about the Veritas router table top

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  • Opinions about the Veritas router table top

    Do any of you have any opinions about the Veritas steel router table top? I am thinking about buying one.

    I do realize that it may present some problems or limit the fence systems that will attach to it, but I think I can work with that. I do like the quick clamps for attaching the router. Since I plan to have it as a removable or drop-leaf extension on a woodworking table I'll probably be able to get to the quick clamps easily, so that should be okay.

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    I have most of the Veritas router table system. This includes the table, the long fence, the right angle fence and the bit jack. To me these are great. The steel table won't flex or chip. The fences can accomodate various sizes of wood fences (short and tall).
    Things to consider are. Buy as many pieces as you want at the same time, because there is a discount (even if its more than you wanted to spend you end up saving in the long-run). The table system might be a bit more expensive than others, but again I like it. The table may be a bit small, thus limiting you on long pieces (use supports to help).
    As with any router table watch what goes into the router. These pieces may shorten the life of the router.
    The clamping system on the table means that as soon as you finish setting up your router you will never have to reset again. You can remove and replace the router any number of times and not have to go through the set-up process (although this should be done periodically for percision).
    Finally go to a Lee Valley store if possible and look at the display model. It will give a sense of size.
    You may also find the system at woodworking shows.