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  • Maintenance Day

    I took advantage of the warmer than normal temperature today and was able to get the shop nice and warm this morning. This afternoon after maintaining 60+ Deg F in the shop I cleaned and waxed all the Iron on the shop tools. It's been too cold for my kerosene heater to get the shop temp above 50 even after running at full steam for 8 hours. So today with the outside temp near 50 I was able to get up to 64. I cleaned off and waxed the table saw table and wings, belt sander tables, joiner table and fence, drill press table, and the planer table and extensions. Everything is slick and protected now, I was worried about the joiner as when I bought it the temp was too low to wax it after cleaning off all the cosmoline. I also made time to do a general cleaning of the shop and re-arranged a few tools for better work flow.

    Can't wait for spring and some warmer weather.

    Go EAGLES! ! !

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    Say, now that you are all limbered up, why not come over to my house this afternoon and do the same for my tools - I'll bet you can finish before the game - and if you can't, I'll hold a seat for you.


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      No thanks Ray, not sure where Bedminster is in NJ, I'm guessing up there in the 'other' NJ, the northern part of the state, as the name doesn't ring a bell here to someone who has lived in SNJ for ~40 years in Atlantic & Cumberland counties.

      I used the warm weather this afternoon to get started on finishing an accent table I built over the winter.


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        Two excellent examples of time management in two days. I think I hate you Bob.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.