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    I am looking to buy a 10" ao 12" CMS. I am just a average woodworking hobbiest and I don't know if I will need the 12" extra cut capacity. An recommendations anyone has on getting 10" vs 12" and also which brand do you recommend.

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    A 10" is lighter, smaller, and cheaper (including blades). A 10" typically cuts nominal 4" material standing up, 12" typically cuts 6". I own both. Lighter and more compact is better for a tradesman since it easier to transport. For that purpose I really like my 10" Milwaukee. the unique blade guard design is not as vulnerable to damage. On the opposite end of the spectrum is my 12" Delta twin laser on a Delta cart weighing in at about 150lbs. I won't haul it unless I'm doing a whole trim job. I use it in the shop most of the time.

    Many people will try to steer you to a sliding saw. They do have the advantage of some extra cutting capacity. But they cost too much and and have way too much deflection on compound miter cuts to suit me.

    Although I don't own one, I have used the old Ridgid 12" a bit and found it to be a good value. My uncle got one with fixed stand for $200. A material clamp was even included. I especially like the fact that the stops for the 90 and 45 degree bevel positions can be bypassed. Nothing is ever flat and the ability to under-cut a miter slightly (e.g. 45 degree miter, +/- 1 or 2 degrees bevel) is a big plus. Without a bypass you can only do it from one side of the saw.

    The laser on the newer Ridgid sucks though. The whole concept of a laser in the blade washer is flawed. The Delta/PC twin laser is vastly superior. You can turn on the laser without starting the saw. I don't know if other laser even comes close. Unfortunatly the Delta doesn't have a bevel stop bypass. If you don't care about a laser, there are many good choices.

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      The Butcher is right. Though we differ on owning a slider. YES I Said the SLIDING MODELS that cost almost double, but its lets you run smoother cuts. Unless your cutting 6" post stock, I would NOT buy the 12" and I have done major work without missing one. WHY have 2 saws when you can just buy one. I like Butchers' saw as well. The Milwaukee is fairly steep in price, yet deep in quality(its probably 20% more than other saws yet worth every penny). Its the right tool for a "Heavy Duty" contractor or a person who wants to buy it once. My tools often times get broken or stolen from someones carelessness. I think the best bang for the buck is a 10" sliding compound saw from Hitachi, Makita or Bosch. I think Hitachi is making the best value saws right now and I remodel for a living. I have the Makita and Hitachi. I have used the Bosch before. I know you can rent these models at HD before you buy. I even recommend buying a reconditioned one from or ebay. Ridgid is good, but I agree with others that the laser needs fine tuning. I used my brothers for two days, the laser was slightly off and does not come on till the motor is engaged. If you can part with the money buy any brand I mentioned reconditioned you will save a bundle.
      ******Buy the saw that feels the most comfortable in your hand when you use it. Some like "D" handles and some like straight. With these products its a personal preference.

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        WHY have 2 saws when you can just buy one.
        Paul - I wasn't suggesting that the average person would want both sizes. Predicting what you will need in the future is difficult. It was at least 5 years after buying the 10" Milwaukee before I picked up a large trim job requiring more capacity (7" base). Twenty five years ago I was happy to have a plain miter saw (no bevel). It's not me - the business has changed. Around here it's either modulars or high end now. The last new house I worked on that had formica counter tops and vinyl flooring was my own.


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          Last year I bought the Ridgid 1250LZ and like it a lot. Was aligned perfectly right out of the box. I decided on the larger capacity because I wanted to buy a Miter saw once. I wouldn't be to thrilled to find out a year later that I needed the extra capacity.
          A thought on lasers...I never even put the laser/blade washer thing on. Don't think that I will even plan on it. I guess that a good topic of discussion is...are they even that useful of a feature? It's yet another thing that can go wrong on a powertool. Besides, the user should know how to make measurements / cuts and should know their tool, not rely on some gadget. I suppose that the laser feature can speed things up considerably, but I don't think that it should be a major selling point or deciding factor (High on my list is capacity/size, motor power and ergonomics).


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            Butcher- I envy that you have had your tools long enough to buy two CMS. Right sliders have not been around that long, but its just like a microwave once you got it you don't know why you didn't get it sooner.


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              Thanks for the input guys. I ended up buying a 12" bosch (model 3912) saw.