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Beware of the Makita Cordless Drills...

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  • Beware of the Makita Cordless Drills...

    I've used Makita corless drills for the past 25 years and have relied on them for relaible service. Just during the past two weeks, I've had two of their current and earlier models go bad on me, when I needed them most. It was a 6213D and a 6227D, both 12 volt 3/8" two spped drills. The 6227D is a current model. Unfortunately, the 6213D is bbout 2 years old and the 6227D is 18 months old. The single speed drills, the 6222D and the 6223D that I've kept in reserve and are 3-5 years old still function flawlessly.

    The clutches on the speed changers seem to fail. The drill hust spins without moving the chuck. I have since downloaded the *.pdf files and found that the gear cases are one piece. Each cost $50 plus labor to install.

    So, this weekend, I purchased both the Rigid R8201 and R82015 cordless 12 volt units, on account of the Lifetime warranty.

    They are definitely worth the price, because of the warranty.

    I will probably keep using the Makita batteries in the flaslight, the older (more reliable drills) and the impact driver. Fortunately, a few of the parts fit the older models.

    I will also probably cut off the handles and wire the contacts to other 12 volt devices like radios and portable TV. My kids electric scooter will also be good, since the Makita batteries charge in an hour and the original scooter batteries charge in 8-16 hours.

    I don't know about the new MForce line but their regular line has problems.

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    Re: Beware of the Makita Cordless Drills...

    Something which I don't like about it as below:
    - The two speeds (1 & 2) don't always engage. I have to switch back and forth to make them engage (half the time).
    - I would like to see a higher over-ride position, 16 is highest, but wimpy
    - Battery life could be improved. Otherwise, buy an additional battery and stay on top of recharging them

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