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3650 Dado plate and zero clearance insert

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  • 3650 Dado plate and zero clearance insert

    I was thinking about getting a bunch of these made up. I have a friend who ownes a mold making/plastics shop and I figured I could give him my existing insert and have him make exact copies but have one with no opening and the other
    with a dado size opening. Would anybody be interested in something like that? And what would be the best material to make these out of? Heck, if HD would be intersted in them, I could get enough made to stock their shelves too!

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    If home depot would be interested in htem, they would already have them for less than your cost..



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      Yeah, I know, I wasn't really serious about that part. But thanks for the reply anyway.


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        I'd love to have a source for inexpensive ZCI's for my 3612. It might be hard to compete against the cost of making ones own out of scrap though. When I bought my saw I also purchased a RIDGID AC1035 ZCI. I think I paid about $17 for it, way too expensive! I now make my own out of hardboard for next to nothing but I'm not real impressed with the results I get with the hardboard. It has a tendency to not stay flat between uses.
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