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Rubber Motor Grommets on BS1400

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  • Rubber Motor Grommets on BS1400

    The assembly directions say... "To mount motor, place four rubber grommets over holes in stand top."

    The grommets I received have a groove around the side, so they could also be placed into the holes with half the grommet above the stand top and the other half below it. This would make more sense because it would provide better isolation by keeping the washer and nut away from the metal stand.

    The picture of the grommet in the manual, however, does not show the groove and there seems to be no indication to use it that way.

    How has anyone else installed the motor?



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    If you are concerned about metal on metal contact, you may want to purchase a thin, teflon or other non-metalic washer, but I don't think it is an issue.

    As far as placing the supplied gromet "in" rather than "on top of" the mounting holes, you will find that properly spacing the motor and aligning the shafts will be difficult enough with the method described in the owners manual. However, if you want to play Captain Kirk and go where no man has gone before, please post a follow up with your findings and let the rest of us know your findings.


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      I think the way to go is to set up a suspension like shock absorbers have and have rubber bushings from an auto store and use 5/16" carriage bolts/nylocks on the motor mount. You can also use 1/2" electrical grommets.


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        The rubber washers are meant to be isolators bearing the weight just as they said. I figure that they used grommets, because they were readily available.


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          They go ontop of the stand and under the plate on the motor. If you manage to get them in the holes of the stand you wouldn't be able to get the bolt thru the hole. I went and bought a red link belt to replace the v-belt that came with the bandsaw and added 2 links. This moved the motor back further and allows me to fully open the bottom door when changing blades.


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            Thanks for the tip about the longer belt and moving the motor back to allow the lower door to open fully. Sounds like something definitely worthwhile to do.

            Rob H


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              You might want to consider getting rid of the gromets completely. I replaced mine with a plate of rubber that was cut to fit the size of the motor mounting plate. Cut from a piece of stall mat for horse stalls. Same stuff as cushion mat for shop floors. Reduced the vibration, allowed the motor to be set as far back as it would go allowing the bottom door to open completely and has great holding power keeping the motor from moving forward without excessive pressure on the tie down bolts.

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                Great idea to use a rubber mat instead of the grommets Ridgid supplies. I have some floor mat that should be just right.

                The Ridgid grommets are kind of mickey mouse. They have a slit around the edge, which suggest that they are intended for thru hole isolation. But they don't fit that way. Also they seem to compress down in an uneven manner depending on how much force you apply with the nut. A flat mat sounds like a much better idea.

                Thanks for the tip.