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Floor Demo TS2400 for $350 good buy? First Post

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  • Floor Demo TS2400 for $350 good buy? First Post

    I saw a TS2400 in a HD yesteday for $350 marked down from $499. It appears to not be used and has the cart and the table stickers are still on it. One corner of the base that attaches to the cars has a small crack and it is missing the miter guage. How easy is it to get replacement parts and is this a decent price for a Floor Demo?

    I have a very small shop (10 x 16) and plan on putting a small deck on the front that I could work on outside (weather permitting) I currently have a Sears RAS that I have had for eons. I just got the recall pkg and will be updating it. I have not decided whether to sell the RAS or keep it. I do have a Dewalt 705 miter saw. If I keep the RAS I only have space in the shop to store the TS2400 but not to use it.

    Any thoughts. I have $400 of HD gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket. (bg)

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    After just purchasing the TS2400 I would say that is a good buy. I've seen some marked down, but they usually don't have the cart with it.

    Is it the old gray, or the new orange?

    I ask because the only intitial difference I have seen is the ability to lock the depth on the new one. This probably isn't an issue often, but I have seen someone mention it's helpfullness when trying to use dado blades.

    If it's a new style, I'd consider it a steal. I got mine for $449 +tax with a 10% discount.


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      I just bought one of the TS2400's on clearance with the stand for $225 in the box at HD.

      The base of the saw is orange- are these the new models or are they the old ones. If old, what has this saw been replaced with?


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        The orange base is the new one.

        Somebody slipped up selling it to you for that price.



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          Thanks ROFL for the reply. I was a little suprised when I opened up the box and saw the orange base- all the other clearance Ridgid stuff I got is grey with orange trim here and there, but this was different- all orange.

          I am thrilled with the deal- especially for the newer version. It's one great machine and very well put together.

          Gotta love HD and their clearance sales..

          [ 02-24-2004, 03:14 AM: Message edited by: Oakind ]


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            Wow, Oakind! That's half what I paid for mine, with 10% discount. Great deal!


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              I was in line last night at HD and a gentleman was purchasing a TS-2400 with stand and was having a fit about the price, he said the tag was marked 299, The manager looked at it and said to let him have it, I took the shot and said I wanted one also, three saws left HD within 5 minutes at $299, orange base, stand included. I am a happy man.