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Serious Problem w/18 volt Combo Kit

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  • Serious Problem w/18 volt Combo Kit

    Sorry, but I have to say this because I'm seriously disappointed in Ridgid: Check your drill for a good chuck before throwing away your receipt.

    Today I purchased/exchanged my third (yes, 3!) 4-pc 18 volt combo kit (2 of the R922 and 1 of the R9221) in 2 weeks, and I'm finally giving up. There is a significant wobble in drill bits/screw bits when inserted in the drill. Yes, the bits were inserted properly, and the longer the bit, the worse the wobble--as you might expect.

    The biggest frustration is that if you mention this to their tech support reps, they'll tell you it is normal--at least, that's what the rep told me when I called.

    I really wanted this kit to work out, that's why I tried 3 different sets from 3 different HD sotres, all in the greater Philadelphia area. I'm not saying that ALL kits ever made are like this, but there must have been a bad lot/run of these off the manufacturing line, because I'm definitely not alone. Scan these Ridgid forums and you'll notice others with this very same problem.

    If the product managers at Ridgid were smart, they'd monitor AND address these posts, rather than ignore them. I'm sure that they learned somewhere in their trainig that getting a new customer is difficult and expensive, but keeping a current customer becomes exponentially more profitable every year he/she remains loyal. Ridgid managed to get me, and I really tried to stick with it, but failure to address a faulty product put Ridgid at the very bottom of my list. Heck, even my dad's 5-year old 14 volt Ryobi doesn't wobble like these Ridgid drills!

    Come on Ridgid! Fess up, offer to fix these drills, and you're likely to build some good will and loyalty! This is basic good business protocol--Customer Relationship Management 101!

    Next up, DW, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch...

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    This chuck wobble seems to be pretty prevalent as it appears to be reported often. I totally understand your frustration and personally, I just don't know what or why the Tech Reps would just blow this off as normal. IMHO any person with an ounce of experience would realize that a chuck that wobbles is useless. I certainly wish that there could be some resolution to the problem other than the obvious.

    I sure hope this isn't the kind of stuff we can expect from future TTI products. It is hard to comprehend how something this obvious gets on the market and then leaves the customer in frustration trying to maintain product loyalty in the face of customer support's apathy!

    Reminds me of the last Ford product I bought 25 years ago,



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      AS & CWS, I too got the 18 volt 4pc combo kit recently and after reading your posts went straight out to my shop to find the longest bit I've got to try it out. I must say that the wobble is very little if any at all. I'm a new Ridgid customer and after reading many of the posts on this site I must say that I've gotten a case of buyers remorse. I feel fortunate that I have not had any problems, yet! So far I've used everything in the kit without any probems.

      I wish I could say the same for my '96 Ford Explorer I once had. I had one of those Firestone blowouts (thank goodness I was driving and not my wife) about 8 months before the news broke about everything with those bad tires. This happened on the first day of a three week vacation 12 hours from home. The tire guy at Wal Mart told me that there were no real signs of wear and with only 20k miles he couldn't see any problems. I bought 4 new tires needless to say. When all the news broke months later I called Ford (numerous times) and they asked me to bring the tires in! I asked, "you expected me to strap 4 tires to the top of my vehicle while on vacation in hopes that in 8 months Ford gets exposed for trying to cover up faulty tires?" That's why I don't own any Ford products.

      We can only hope Ridgid doesn't follow in the same way.


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        CWS and La. Incinerator:

        I'm glad to see some followup on this issue. Like many product mfg issues, not all products off the line are bad. Unfortunately, if QC isn't tight, or if standards aren't rigorous enough, small defects can get through and even get worse before they are caught. I'm sure there are plenty of good Ridgid drills out there, but I'm 0 for 3, and there are other posters who are in the same boat (I recall reading one poster who went through 4 kits before giving up and going to another brand).

        I just want others to be aware of the possible problems. And I want to send a message to the folks at Ridgid that there are current/potential/former customers out there that expect a product that is at least as good as the competition's. After all, a really great price is no bargain if what you've purchased isn't up to par.

        It takes a long string of successes to build a good, solid reputation. But a single, well-publicized problem can wipe it all out.


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          I to am disappointed with the hammer drill I got in my 4 pc kit.I compared my old ryobi and dewalt to my new riged and found that,that cheep ryoby is truer than the best!My concern is when I'm working with Tapcon screws how much holding strength do I have,say I'm drilling a 3/16''hole with a 6''mason bit into a ledger board whow much will the wobble in my chuck ream out my hole, will it take me to a quarter inch and my screws lose their holding strenght

          always be safe protect your eyes

          bob b
          Be safe out there folks
          Bob B


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            hey as....went thru 3 sets here...hell....they should reimburse me for my time and frustration taking these things back...i really liked the drill and saw kit but just cant see living with the wobble...i wonder if it was the arbor or the chuck ?? anyways...i feel ya pain brother.... think im going to the new panasonic...had one years ago and it was a darn good drill...they now have 3.5 ah batterys...the best in the industry and claim 80% more run time....


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              while my drill was in to get the trigger replaced they did the chuck too due to slight wabble, problem solved. I blame Jacobs, or whoever made the crappy chuck.


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                I should mention that the old chuck WAS a jacobs and the new one is NOT. Maybe Ridgid had some issues with the old manufacturer?


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                  well i want the new chuck.
                  Be safe out there folks
                  Bob B