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Different Battery Chargers

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  • Different Battery Chargers

    I recently purchased the 12v drill and the 3 piece 18v combo kit. Question. Can the 12v batteries be charged with the charger contained in the 18 v kit, and vice versa. The 12v charger is a 20 minuute charger vs the 30 minute dual charger in the kit. I asked the guy at HD and he said there was no problem, but not sure if he understood my question. Need some help and glad to have this forum available. Thanks for your help.

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    Yes.......I have the charger that came with the 12vlt drill(single bay) charge the 18vlt good...30 min for 18vlt....20 min for 12 vlt


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      Thanks for your note. I went back a couple of pages and saw the answer from another person also. I appreciate your reply and look forward to using the ridgid drills. These are my first power tools from them and am expecting great things. I also have a Milwalkee set, but one of the batteries went dead after a couple of uses. Can't seem to get it to take a charge. Don't know if there are any tricks to it but haven't had the time to send it back to them. Hopefully with this warranty I won't have to worry about it any more.